Review: Bulova Watches

Deciding on a watch style has always been a difficult decision for me; I don't always know which type suits me, and always struggle with how a watch fits in with my personal style. Trying to find one style that fits all is sometimes not an option, especially with so many styles tailored to either an everyday look or formal affair. However, after coming across the Bulova collection on Discount Watch Store , I was surprised at how diverse and affordable their range was! 

The History
Immersed with quality, affordability, and history the Bulova Watch Collection is a true hallmark of every American Watch Company. Founded by Czech immigrant Joseph Bulova, his designs were first established in a jewellery shop in New York City in 1875. By 1911, he branched out into table clocks and pocket watches and a year later the Bulova collection was born. 

The Styles
Bulova also have a selection of wristband choices, which I was particularly interested in, including leather, metal bracelet, plastic and fabric. Each watch is water resistant but of course make sure you check how water proof before jumping into the pool or sea on holiday!

There are a variety of elegant and classic designs for both men and women, with each immersed in the history of Bulova. Each design oozes high end luxury, but without the hefty price tag...perfect! With fine gold and silver styles, each design displays elegance and you can really see the craftsmanship in each watch. Available in a variety of colours and choices, the designs seem to be constantly updated and reflective of current trends. 

Womens Collection

One of my favourite bits about the entire range is the analogue display. Now I'm definitely not a digital style, I've never really jumped on the modern, digital display so traditional hands and numbers suits me perfectly. My favourite style is the Bulova Women's Adventurer Watch, styled in a polished stainless steel case, this lightweight and comfortable design is perfect for everyday and practical for wearing at work or on a weekend. It's water resistant up to 30 metres, which is perfect for travelling abroad and my newfound love of swimming!


The watches are really comfortable and easy to wear, as well as being lightweight so it was difficult to resist picking up a few and filling my entire jewellery case with different designs! The affordable price tag was definitely a temptation along with the mix of styles and trends.

Gentlemen's Collection
For those wanting to check out the mens collection, it combines a durability along with modern sophistication. With strong features and mechanical elegance, the entire gentlemen's line is suitable for everyday wear, from formal occasions to wearing on holiday. 

For the full collection, head over to Discount Watch Store to find all the latest trends and styles. 

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