Let Me Get Low

If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed recently that I have become Polyvore obsessed! I really like image based social media sites like Tumblr and Pinterest because I love to collect imagery and inspiration, but Polyvore is a totally different concept of building outfits; it's like an outlet for styling ideas. I have only recently started with Polyvore so won't share any of my own sets yet but thought I would show you guys a few of my favourites and hope that they inspire you as much as they do me.

Both Khalesar

Blogger Of The Month: Tilly Jayne!

This is my first blog post of 2014 so I thought I would begin with my blogger of the month and first pick of the year. So far 2014 has been nothing but stressful, i've been living at my boyfriends flat for the past few years and we had to move out on 2nd January. Although New Years Eve was a great night out it was slightly overshadowed by our impending move, moving is always stressful but is made 10 times worse when you don't really want to move. My boyfriend is in a band who are in the process of making an album and touring so we have temporarily moved into his sisters house - which also happens to be above a pub in central Bristol - until things have calmed down a bit and we can find another flat to live in. Until then I can take lots of nice atmospheric blog photographs around Central Bristol and tell you guys all about my current gypsy lifestyle where me and him live out of boxes and have 'no fixed address'. 

More importantly however my blogger of the month is...Tilly Jayne

I first found Tilly through the ASOS student map, and was immediately drawn in by the sound of the Dr Martens factory shop in Northampton where she is a Fashion Marketing student. When I read the 'about me' section of her blog I immediately knew she was my type of girl with the sentence 'I'm a vegetarian (and have been since the age of 10) and my favourite food is indian, though I do have a serious pizza addiction'. Apart from our similar eating habits I really like Tillys personal style; a mix of 90's Clueless with hippy chic. Tilly mixes a few sports luxe items with quite chic classic pieces and of course the odd fur coat/gilet which adds to the eclectic feel of her wardrobe. A lot of her her wardrobe is quite muted colours which is something I identify with but the odd splash of colour demonstrates her styling ability, as does the mixture of textures and prints. 

Tilly already looks as though she works in the fashion industry and always looks polished and smart whilst still looking on trend and keeping an element of 'cool' to her looks. As always it would be great to know if you guys follow Tilly already or if this is your first introduction to her blog which you can find here!