Velvet Crush

Oh my god it is so cold! I can't believe the temperature drop recently, I am wrapping up in tights, socks, scarves and gloves and i'm still freezing! Last night I had the ultimate Winter night in; cooking some tasty hot food and then lying on my sofa watching the Christmas channel for 4 hours- oh yes there is a Christmas channel and it's the best!

Today i'm working and am waiting for a Missguided delivery which I am very excited about! My favourite thing about Winter (apart from Christmas) is the shopping, I prefer Winter clothes to Summer, they're just so much better; the colours, the styles and the fabric, and my favourite Winter fabric has got to be velvet. I seem to end up buying velvet clothes every year but this year Missguided has so many winners! I went onto their website looking for a velvet skirt and found this gorgeous green which also comes in a burgundy. On an absolute velvet mission, I found the cute burgundy crop and the navy long sleeved dress, both items I can imagine wearing a lot! Navy, burgundy and bottle green are my favourite Winter colours so yesterday I purchased the skirt and dress and can't wait for them to arrive!

New Look Christmas Blogger Competition

Whilst looking at blogs recently i've found a lot of people posting about a competition that New Look is running for bloggers! You need to design a Christmas Party Outfit for your body type and could win £100 worth of New Look vouchers!

My body type is the classic pear, basically no boobs and big hips! I think it might be the most common body shape but I can't imagine it's the most coveted! It's easy to dress because you can wear most things on the top but generally looks best to wear an a line shape on the bottom, although it doesn't stop me wearing leggings or jeans! I decided to go for this gold dress which I thought looked quite 'Kate Moss' and styled it with some opaque tights, wedges boots and a fedora hat. I'm not a very 'glam' person so this is a dressed up as I could probably be! I do like it though and it's now making me want to buy the dress!

If you fancy having a go at creating an outfit click here and make sure you check out New Looks guide to body shapes here :)

Favourite Jumper

Jumper - New Look
Shirt - Zara
Skirt - Topshop
Creepers - eBay
Bag - Accessorize 

This is my favourite outfit from last week, I am completely in love with this jumper! I love the colour and it's so comfortable! In Winter I can't get enough of bottle green, burgundy and navy and just keep buying clothes in those three colours! I have bought a few things lately so I will post a mini haul on what i've been buying! These pictures were taken by Lucia from Style Confessional who some of you will know as the latest Motel intern! It's so much harder to blog in the Winter because by the time you get home from work it's dark and days off are usually spent in pjs! So we decided that on Fridays along with Selina we will take some outfit posts in and around the centre of Bristol. 

I've tried to invite all of the South West bloggers to a discount event i'm holding at the store this week! I'm really looking forward to it because it's the first event we've done; there will be 30% off everything as well as some special items i've ordered in just for the night, along with presents, cupcakes and the chance to have some nail art done! Let's hope it's a success - i'm getting a bit scared now! 

Today is so Christmassy! I bought my first Christmas present yesterday (yes I know it's getting late!) I won't say what it is because my friend Abbie will probably read this but it's a good one! I am so festive this year, in fact it's probably getting on peoples nerves but if you live in Bristol come into the shop and see my decorations and listen to the Christmas songs - it is just not getting boring! 

My First Beauty Post!

I can't believe I haven't written a blog post for over a week, I was starting to feel guilty but i've just been so busy especially with my new job! I'm so used to having lots of days off and just being able to do bits here and there but having an (almost) full time job seems to be throwing my outside of work things off a bit! But here I am, i'm still here and tonight i'm gonna do a beauty post which i've never done before!

I'm not a huge beauty person to be honest, I know what I like and don't tend to try anything different or splurge lots of money on expensive and cult beauty products, I much prefer to spend my money on clothes! However I do unfortunately suffer with quite bad skin and have been looking for years for a product that will help. I have tried everything whether it's cheap yet natural products like Simple or more expensive French brands like Clinique and Clarins, nothing seemed to help! Until a year ago I was introduced to a Swiss based company called Arbonne by a friend from Uni. The products were described as pure, safe and beneficial and I gave them a go because Swiss products were something I always see in Harvey Nichols and think i'll never be able to afford!

I decided to try the anti ageing range and borrowed the smoothing facial cleanser, restorative day creme and the night repair creme as samples. To be honest they didn't really have much of an effect on me straight away, i'm always hoping for a miracle and for my skin to clear up over night, but I did however notice that my skin felt a lot smoother. I bought the products anyway, they were expensive but I signed up to be a client which gave me a hefty discount and I am blown away by the results. My skin used to be very red, scarred and covered with blemishes, and after 6 months of using the products daily I can say it is pretty much clear. I have been able to go out without foundation and concealer, something I never thought I would be able to do and when I wake up in the morning my skin is a balanced colour, gone are the red and dry patches I used to suffer with.

I just wish I had a before and after picture so you could see how good my results were! If you fancy checking out the range for yourself their website is here and if you use it please let me know i'd love to hear how your skin has reacted!

Jellicle Cats

Leotard- H&M
Cat Skirt - Champagne Diamond
Belt - Vintage
Creepers - eBay

I can't tell you how excited I was when I got home the other day to see my cat skirt had arrived! I'm not usually the most enthusiastic person in the world but I screamed when this turned up. I bought it from Lucy at Champagne Diamond and have been lusting after it for ages but you know when you want something but you just never seem to get around to buying it? Well Lucy is also so lovely that she gave me a cheeky discount code which was the push I needed! I would definitely recommend checking out the online shop there are loads of cat and dog prints as well as some great Levi's for only £10! I bought a 10 and the sizing is really good, fits perfectly! 

I wore this outfit yesterday for my last day at head office. Quite sad because i've been interning there since June and really felt at home but it's also a good thing because I have been offered a full time job through the internship!! As you guys know i've been working part time at the Bristol shop over the past few weeks but now they have asked me to be the store manager! I was a bit reluctant at first because I don't have any management experience but more than anything they want me to take hold of the social media for the store as well as organise events and promotions- which pretty much sounds like a dream! I'm really excited now and am starting  next week, good news for the blog too because i'll have extra money to spend on clothes which I can show you guys! 

I had loads of really nice emails from the bloggers i've spoken to through Motel who have wished me good luck and thanks so much to those of you who follow me who have sent me a message :) 

#MotelXmas Blogger Party!

Monday night was the Motel Christmas blogger party and as a Motel intern I was lucky enough to be able to go along! I headed down at lunch time on the coach armed with Company Magazine and my favourite sensation thai chilli crisps and made my way towards the venue! It was at a really nice bar in Shoreditch called Floripa, which we decorated with balloons, presents and rails of gorgeous Motel clothes! I spent a lot of time blowing up balloons with a helium canister which ended up being hilarious because me and Hannah the other intern kept accidentally letting them go, so there ended up being 5 or 6 balloons on the ceiling, which I was hoping no one would notice! The doors opened at 6.30 and we only finished decorating at 5.45 so with limited time to get ready I bundled myself into the toilet back-brushed my hair, quickly put on some eyeliner and of course got changed into the gorgeous 'Wild One'. 

The first 50 bloggers through the door were lucky enough to receive a free item and me and Taz were in charge of talking everyone through the new collection and taking their top three choices. It was great to meet bloggers who I have followed personally as well people I have spoken to through Motel and ended up meeting some really great people! Quite a few people gave me their card which has made me realise that having a business card is essential to promoting your blog, lots of people asked me for my blog address and it would have saved a lot of time if I could have given them a card!

As well as the first 50 bloggers receiving an item from the new collection, there was also a whole host of other treats in store. Eylure were giving out free eyelashes, Lee Stafford (yes the actual Lee Stafford) was there curling hair and everyone was given a present when they left! 

I had a good look through the new collection and instantly fell in love with these new Galaxy pants! There like thinner, matte disco pants which is a lot more flattering if your a pear shape like me and I just love the colour! I'm hoping they're going to look nice on because I think the black and wine could be a new Winter staple! 

As for the rest of the night myself, Taz and Lora dominated the photo booth (which was such a good idea!) I could not stop laughing at the pictures and at the end of the night we managed to get all the Motel employees into the booth for one massive picture! 

You're A Wild One

The Wild One- Motel Rocks

I am basically in love with this dress! I've seen it loads of times on the internet whilst working at head office but it came in today with the shops delivery and I am head over heels! You know when you need to see something and feel the fabric in order to decide what you think of it? It's so unique and just lovely, I think i'm going to wear it to the Motel Bloggers Party on Monday! It's not my usual style because it's maxi length but for the party i'm thinking bare legs, a simple gold necklace and maybe red lips?  Just not sure which shoes yet, any suggestions? The bodice is so dramatic I think it needs to be simply styled but I can't wait to wear it! It's £65 on the website which is quite a lot but is £45 in the shop because the prices are lowered for the flagship store. We had a great delivery today with loads of off the shoulder items and Christmas dresses so if you live in Bristol I would definitely recommend a visit!

Fresh Meat

Just a quick post as I am so lame i'm considering going to bed in a minute! I went to the Hemel Hempstead indoor ski slope yesterday instead of Milton Keynes and it was AMAZING! Probably the most fun i've had especially as I was really scared; turns out it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be! My body is aching so much now though so I think i'm going to need a bath and an early night!

My ASOS delivery came today :) I ordered these items and i'm very pleased! They are all fairly basic items which I love, I think it's essential to have a few plain t shirts, and love the variety at the moment with crop tops, off the shoulders and high neck lines! The black tee is a perfect basic, I have it already in white and burgundy, which I wear all the time, they are long enough to wear with jeans or legging but don't bunch out if you tuck them into a skirt or shorts! The leopard print skirt was only £9.50 and I can already tell i'm going to be wearing it all the time! It's quite short but to be honest I find most things quite short on me as i'm fairly tall! The crop is really nice but i'm not sure if i'll keep it, I do really like cropped t shirts and if this was an inch or two longer I would love it but I don't feel comfortable in it because of it's length!

Holly and Phil

This weekend was a really good one, had a great Saturday night out for my brothers birthday and generally felt horrible yesterday! I wore the Elsa dress and was surprised by how much I loved it, I don't usually wear body con because i'm really self conscious of being such a pear shape, but I had lots of lovely compliments and in the end didn't think it looked too bad! 

This week i'm back to working Wednesday- Saturday so have today and tomorrow to do some outfit posts. This evening i'm going to Milton Keynes to the indoor ski place. I've never been skiing before and I am a little bit scared, but after booking a skiing holiday in March I need to learn!

This outfit was from yesterday and makes me look about 12 years old, clearly my bra is not fitting well in the picture either haha embarrassing! I love this jumper from Topshop and have just worn it over my vintage denim shirt and teamed with some tights and the standard H&M body con skirt - lifesaver!

Hope everyone is having a nice day, i'm just sat in my pj's watching 'This Morning' and drinking a lot of orange juice!!

Walking In The Sand

Two outfit posts in two days I am on a roll! Today i'm worked at the Motel Bristol store and got a quick outfit post done before I left! I love this waterfall green skirt it was around £4 from eBay which is amazing and you can find it here in various colours! I'm wearing it with a basic ASOS black leotard and my black biker jacket, excuse the no shoes look! I'm not enjoying my photographs at the moment, I look a bit strange in them! I really need to find a good pose and setting for my outfit photographs so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave them below! I think I prefer the white backdrop I was using before maybe I should go back to that!

Tomorrow is my brothers birthday so tonight after work i'll be rushing home to get changed and head out to celebrate, think we're having some people to the family house for drinks then heading into town. I'm planning on wearing the Elsa Dress from Motel I ordered it to the store and have my fingers crossed that I like it or there will be a blind panic when I get home trying to find something else to wear! It's not my usual style as it's a fancy body con but I love the baroque detail and am thinking I can dress it down with my chelsea boots and biker jacket! I still have a photo of the night I went out wearing the Laynie so over the next few days i'll put pictures of the Laynie and Elsa outfits up!

Furious Face

I have been a little bit rubbish on the blogging front the past 2 weeks, mainly because my boyfriend Tom who takes the pictures for me was away for a week with his band. I couldn't get the hang of balancing my camera on a shelf, pile of books anything that was the right height, so decided to just wait till he got back!

 This is an outfit that I wore last night to see Stealing Sheep, an all girl band who play alternative folk music and wear fantastic clothes! I'm wearing my black playsuit from Motel Rocks with a black cardigan, creepers and my lovely House of Harlow necklace. Sorry for the rubbish photo as the outfit was all black it was really hard to photograph and I look furious! I really like this playsuit because it's so basic but i'm not sure if it looks that nice on? I find playsuits hard to wear because they're usually too short in the body and this one definitely is! I tried on the L which was far too big and got the M but I don't feel very comfortable in it and don't think i'll be able to take my cardigan off whilst wearing it!

I have been working at the Motel shop a lot recently and am really enjoying it, it's great to be working with a brand that I love and has been great to combine my internship with a paid job!

In other news I went to see another band recently 'Peace' I was really looking forward to it but to be honest I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would! I was lucky to go with my friend who was writing a review and if your interested in music blogs/reviews then check out her blog here she's only just started it so it only has two posts but it's always good to hear about new music!

Sister Jane

Today I thought I would do a post on one of my favourite brands; Sister Jane, i'm not quite sure how I discovered this brand, I think it might have been in Topshop Oxford Street, but i'm so glad I did because the clothes are gorgeous and I love the ethos behind the company. Sold as a concession in Topshop and ASOS, Bea Deza is the woman behind the brand who also just happens to be the coolest woman in the world! My favourite thing about their website is the blog which accompanies it, showing intimate and interesting pictures of the life and career of Bea Deza. The clothes are eclectic and bring together two of my favourite styles; 90's grunge and 60's bohemia, I am pretty much in love with the sheer panel dress below! Although technically a Spanish brand, Bea describes it as English as it was 'born in London' and to be honest it just makes me want to start up my own designs because the clothes are just so perfect for me. 

Sister Jane brings out a new collection as often as every 6 weeks and this time you will find 'Death in Glendale', which features monochrome shirts accompanied by printed trousers, velvet dresses, maxi skirts and baroque, sheer panelled blouses. The clothes are dramatic and luckily not ridiculously  expensive, dresses start at £65 and currently both Topshop and ASOS have some items in their sale! 

As I have a slight girl crush on Bea Deza I wanted to show you guys some photos of her style which you can find here on the Sister Jane blog. I love her excessive use of rings, which I can relate to, and the way she wears quite feminine dresses but toughens them up with hats, boots and 'boyish' styling. You can also find some pretty cool images of her apartment in Madrid here which features some fantastic furniture and eclectic interior design.

Roller Coaster

I have been a rubbish blogger this week and not posted since Tuesday have just been so busy with my new job! After working my internship at head office on Wednesday I then worked Thursday- Saturday in the shop and went out for one of my best friends birthdays on Friday (where I wore the Laynie AGAIN just love it so much!) The weather has completely turned, I quite like the cold weather and much prefer winter style clothes to summer, but one thing I can't handle is the rain. It actually makes me a little bit angry and always ruins my hair, such a pathetic thing to moan about!

Today is a fairly lazy day as it's Sunday, last night I stayed in, ordered a curry and watched Spice World with my friend which was lovely and very much needed! As for today i'm just sat in the pub my friends work at with some mulled cider waiting to do the quiz later.

I haven't been able to do any outfit of the day photos this week as I have been so busy but I do have one from a few weeks back when I went on a night out with some friends. To be honest I look a bit weird in the photo, I have a weird shape, and it's not the most exciting of outfits, but I absolutely love the black and gold sequin cape i'm wearing. I bought it around 5 years ago from a vintage shop in Bristol after i'd seen a photograph of Kate Moss wearing a sequin cape at Glastonbury and have loved it ever since. Will promise to do a few outfit posts this week to make up for the lack of them!

Up The Junction

These are my new shoes that arrived today from Boohoo. I'm so pleased with them, they looked good on the website but you know when you get shoes sometimes and they're really plastic and stiff? Well these are soft and comfy, and I can tell i'll be able to start wearing them straight away! I'm a bit nervous because they're cream and I know i'll get them dirty straight away, but it's nice to have a change from my standard all black shoes! They were only £10 in the sale and Boohoo kindly gave me a 20% discount voucher so even better! I think loafer style shoes are my favourite type of shoes, they have definitely seen a huge resurgence in recent years because of Alexa Chung, but they are a classic and look great with jeans or tights. They come in so may different styles and colours but I think I will always have a place in my heart for the patent black classics!

Today is a misty, dull day and I am having my standard Monday/Tuesday wearing a big jumper and leggings, whilst baking, dying clothes and looking at blogs! To get us all through these grey days here are some nice inspirational pictures of people wearing loafers and generally looking great!

Florence Welch/Alexa Chung/Kate Moss/Olivia Palmero/Aggy Deyn/Ashley Olsen

All Images From Google.

1 Month Old

Today is one month since I started the blog! I've enjoyed posting so much and can't believe I’ve only just got into blogging I definitely should have started earlier. I also can't believe how it's grown even over the past 4 weeks I have almost 50 followers and love reading all of your sweet comments. I've found some of your amazing blogs, which I love to read and the only downside is I have managed to spend lots on new clothes because I keep seeing nice stuff on your blogs! 

Yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday so we went to watch 'Crossfire Hurricane' a film about the Rolling Stones and it was unbelievably good. I love every single song and watching footage of them just being themselves was great, after we went out for drinks and ending up going back to a friends flat and dancing to their songs for a good few hours. Mick Jagger is sexy even as an old man seeing him shake his hips is too good and Keith Richards is just the definition of cool, I really enjoyed it and don't think I even realised I loved them that much! Today I am a bit hung over and am just going to spend the evening eating pizza and watching rubbish TV :)

This week I have had a mini spend and wanted to share my new purchases with you guys. Sorry for the photos just being taken on my bedroom floor, I need to find a nice piece of fabric or something to use as a background! First up on Monday I bought this bag from Accessorize after seeing it on Annalises' blog ( I’m not a huge bag person but I do love a good satchel and just couldn't resist this one with the deer head detail on the fastening! It's a really good size and means I can take it on a night out or use it in the day, I tend to use the same bag for a few weeks then swap over to another one I don't have a day or night bag I just use them all for whatever! It was £32 and you can find it here.

As I mentioned before I have recently got a new job working in the Motel Bristol Store, it's the only store they have so it's exciting to be working there and means I get a good discount on clothes which makes me very very happy! This week I decided to get a few things to update my wardrobe and decided on the Kadie Skirt in blue and the Carla playsuit in black. The skirt is a really unusual colour and I decided to get it because I wear the black one all the time and thought this would look really nice in the Winter just adding a splash of colour, to my usual black winter outfits. I really love the style of skater skirts as they're flattering and just look cute and school like! This colour isn't actually on the website I have only ever seen in the store but it was £20 (without discount) which is a good price and if you live in and around Bristol I would definitely recommend a trip to Park Street to have a look around the shop!  

I wasn't able to take a picture of the playsuit because it is a silky material and doesn't photograph well at all so thought I would just use the picture from the website. I find playsuits quite hard to wear sometimes because I’m quite tall and find they can sometimes be short in the body. This playsuit is very soft but I would recommend getting a size bigger than you usually would because it's tight fitting. I went for a Medium, which was a little tight when I tried it on but I can tell it's going to stretch out a bit when wearing it. Black playsuits are a bit of a staple item, they can be worn casually in the day or dressed up on an evening with lots of gold jewellery so decided this was a justified basic!

Saving the best till last I have finally bought the Laynie!! Big news as I have been lusting after it for ages and decided as I’m going out again for Toms' birthday on Saturday I would wear it then. As it's a baby doll style lots of people have recommended going down a size, I bought the small and I LOVE IT! It's so pretty and flattering and I can imagine myself wearing it a lot throughout the winter. I'll make sure I get some photos on Saturday so I can do an outfit post on it so you guys can see how I’m wearing it. 

Honky Tonk Woman

This was another blog post taken during the day at the Motel head office, this was taken outside the building and as you might be able to tell it was very windy and I couldn't stop laughing so sorry for the strange facial expression! It was taken by Selina from Flying Saucer and we had lots of strange looks from passers by but oh well, I also took some photos for her so check her blog over the next few days as she will have an outfit post up! This week I have been very excited at having a new job so have been able to justify buying a few items which include a bag, skirt, shoes and a dress! Will do a mini haul post later in this week when all the items have arrived!

I decided to include my twitter and blog address in the Motel Rocks updates last week and it was great because it means I have a few new followers, and have received loads of lovely comments about my hair, so thank you to everyone <3 As for my hair it has faded loads which is annoying but i'm thinking about getting in done professionally so it will last longer, I have loved having lilac hair!

Once again I am wearing my new favourite items the cross belt from Urban Outfitters and my black Creepers! This dress is shock horror from Primark (my entire wardrobe isn't from Primark honestly!) I bought it because it was exactly the same as a dress I had my eye on in Topshop, I like it because its a skater style which is really flattering for my body shape. I also think the style takes away some of the sexiness you sometimes associate with leopard print. I'm really not into dressing 'sexy' I always wear tights and if I wear anything bodycon I usually team it with boots or jacket to toughen it up a bit!

In other news I will be working in the Motel Bristol store officially as of this week so look forward to lots of Motel news as well as a few hauls whilst I use my discount!

Wish List!

Today I was going to do an outfit post, but to be honest it's so wet and wintery I have just chucked on some leggings, huge socks and a big jumper and have settled for a skirt wish list! I sometimes think I am borderline obsessive when it comes to clothes, it's almost like having a new item makes me really happy and i'm always on the look out for a new update to my wardrobe. I'm so sad I have to keep a list of things that I want to buy, because if I don't it would be a free for all and every time I went past a shop I would get something! Dedication to the list is the best option for my bank balance and probably my bursting wardrobe!

First up on my current skirt list has to be these! I definitely buy more top items like jumpers, tops and dresses and have limited bottom items so always end up wearing either my black jeans, black skater skirt or grey skater skirt, plus I love the style of the skater skirt and having them in more colours or prints would definitely solve a few outfit dilemmas! I really like all the American Apparel circle skirts but am always hesitant to shop in there because it's so expensive and a friend suggested River Island. I'm so glad she did because they have loads of gorgeous skirts in there at the moment and I really like these two. Burgundy is a great winter colour and goes with a lot of other colours and leopard print is a great print to add a touch of colour to an all black outfit. Plus they are only £16 and £18 so a bargain in my eyes!

Keeping on the skirt topic has anyone seen the online shop run by Lucy from Champagne Diamond? I think she's currently updating it so there aren't many items on there but there is one beauty that I need in my wardrobe ASAP! The cat print skirt! It's so cute I love it and love it even more after seeing Olivia from What Olivia Did wearing it on a recent post! It's such a statement item and so unusual, I can't wait to wear it with my off the shoulder black crop or wear my black collared jumper like Olivia! 


Last but not least is the Kadie Cross Beads from Motel Rocks which I have featured before but do really like. I think the cross collection from Motel is great because it's quite subtle, and allows you to try out the trend without covering yourself in crosses and making people ask what kind of statement that is! I also like it because it's black and I wear my plain black Kadie all the time so think I could create a lot of outfits out of this one item. 

New Job!

Whilst writing out where I got these items from I realised they are all from Primark! Oh dear that's embarrassing! I didn't shop at Primark for ages because I did a lot of research into ethical fashion for a Uni project and read some pretty nasty things, but they seem to have had a bit of a ethical makeover and their website states they have strong values towards working conditions, the environment and their employees which makes me feel a bit better! If this is something you're interested in you can always have a little read here. Recently I haven't had much money and because it's so cheap i've been able to update my wardrobe a little with little beauties like this pearl collar necklace and the camouflage jacket I have wanted for so long! This is a really nice one because it's quite thin, I tried on loads of vintage jackets but they were so bulky and not very flattering!

Anyway this picture was taken against our amazing inspiration wall at Motel HQ I love it and am so desperate to get a huge pin board for my bedroom. I am a self confessed hoarder and along with having around 250 Vogue and Elle Magazines from the last god knows how long, I also keep lots of pictures and little bits that i'm not sure what to do with, pin board = answer! These pictures were taken on Friday by the lovely Lora English (who is also a freelance photographer) and of course include Selina who I am working with whose amazing blog Flying Saucer i'm sure a lot of you are familiar with! 

This weekend has been a quiet one and for once I am fresh faced and busy on a Sunday! Friday night I stayed in with Tom who cooked a roasted vegetable and pasta dish, which could be one of the best things i've ever eaten! Then Saturday was my first proper day at my new job!!! I'm working in the Motel Bristol store which is the only one of it's kind and it is so much fun! I have always worked in retail and much prefer working in a small independent style shop than in a huge high street store. The clothes are lovely and i've been shopping there since I was 14 so it feels very familiar. Today I made some white chocolate and cherry cookies and i'm am heading out for a roast dinner in an hour so it has definitely been a food focused weekend! 

Purple Rinse

T Shirt- Fred Perry
Belt- Urban Outfitters
Skirt- Topshop
Hair- Stargazer

I wasn't able to blog last week, which is a bit annoying, but I am back and with purple hair! I dyed my hair Friday nigh with a stargazer purple dye, I really like them and would definitely recommend it because the ingredients don't include any peroxide or ammonia so when you bleach your hair like I do it's good to not keep putting more bad things on it! It looks nice and I’m pleased but this is NOT a good picture! You know when you get in the shower and think my hair is fine then as soon as you get out you realise 'damn I should have washed it!' today was definitely one of those days all the batiste in the world could not have saved it! It has been a strange few days which saw me have to pay out lots of money for my car, then have a job interview then loose my phone then get Glastonbury tickets so very mixed! I'm gutted about my phone but looks like a wonderful friend is able to sell me theirs for practically pennies compared to how much iPhone 4's cost! As for Glastonbury I am super excited, I’ve been a few times already and love it, highlight of the summer but this time two of my very good friends are coming so it's going to be great to spend it with them! 

I bought this belt last week from Urban Outfitters, it was a bit of a whim but I love it, as you know I love the studs, spikes, crosses soft goth trend and this is a great waistbelt which goes with everything. I wore it to the trial shift for my new job on the weekend and it received lots of compliments :)

Whole Lotta Rosie

**This blog post was from yesterday but didn't send properly**

Today has been a good day much better than yesterday where I had some serious car drama and spent a lot of the day panicking! Tonight I went out for a nice meal for a good friends birthday and am now very full and tired, just sat watching some TV. Rather than doing a post on what I wore I thought I would do a small post on some recent purchases I have made. I graduated this summer and am just working part time and doing my internship so for the first time in a long while I haven't been able to spend on clothes, something I was always able to do before. This makes these purchases even more special because I have to choose wisely at the moment!

First up is my Dana off the shoulder from Motel. Working in the Motel head office means I am constantly surrounded by clothes and am always looking at the website as well as different blogs, so I usually find around 100 things a day I want to buy!! As soon as this top came in though I knew I had to get it, it's a great update of the crop top and means you can dress it down by just teaming it with a high waist skirt and tights or wear it on a night out with jewellery and lipstick etc. I'm not one for really flashing my stomach so I got a larger size, which means it fits but is a bit longer; it also comes in long sleeves or as a dress :)

 Off the shoulder top- Motel 

Second we have the Hilary bodice in navy rose, also from Motel. This was an item I had seen a few times and I just love the print so much! There are a lot of items in this print and they are all so gorgeous but I thought the bodice was really simple and versatile, plus it can be worn with so many items! The only problem with it is the top bit is very loose and I have to pin it to my bra or tape it to me, I think this is a top for the small chest girl because if I'm falling out of it then anyone above a C cup is risking some serious nip slip! It is lovely though and looks great with all black, as it's a subtle and quite autumnal use of floral.

Hillary Bodice- Motel 

Lastly is the pink fluffy jumper from the Lana Del Rey collection at H&M! I have seen this jumper on TV adverts, magazine adverts and on the side of bus stops and fall more in love every time I see it. It makes me feel like a pink lady and is so soft and comfortable, however if you have sensitive skin like me I would recommend wearing a vest top or leotard underneath as it was a bit irritating. The other thing is as this jumper is wool it gets fluff EVERY WHERE! When I first tried it on it was on my jeans, in my hair, my mouth and all over my room, so it might be a good idea to hand wash it before wearing to prevent it covering everything and everyone in your life in pink fluff! It is so lovely I can't stop gushing about it, and looks great simply with jeans and loafers, plus because its such a soft colour it goes with a lot of basics like grey, black and navy.

 Pink Jumper- H&M

Beauty School Dropout

After my previous blog post talked a little about my new found love for Grease I thought I would elaborate a little more on another post! This video from the film is so good, I love Frenchies' hair and I also love the outfits the girls are wearing, the little silver dresses! I dyed my hair pink earlier in the summer for my birthday and it looked so good, but didn't last long as it was a semi permanent dye. The only photo I have is this one from instagram because I use disposable cameras on a night out and it hasn't been developed yet! I definitely want to go back pink though! My other thought regarding Grease is the dresses. I love a good sparkly dress for the Winter months and i've found this gorgeous green one from H&M which looks really glitzy and would look so good with pink hair! New favourite combination! 

Green Dress- H&M
Pink Hair Dye- Stargazer