Pretty Visitors

Hat - New Look (old)
Lipstick - Barry M
Necklace - Vintage
Dress - H&M

I bought this dress yesterday in H&M and I really love it, i've been looking for a black and white striped dress for a while and this one was only £12.99 and fits really nicely. I've teamed it with the black Dr Marten style shoes I featured on my bargain wish list post which I am totally in love with and can't believe they only cost £10! I really like the monochrome look and this hat is covering my horrific hair which is being dyed this afternoon, so look out tomorrow for my super silver hair!

Festival Essentials

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that for the past week or so I have been talking about Glastonbury...A LOT! It's probably the high light of my year and I can't believe it's finally here! After waiting since 2011 to set up my tent in the Pilton Fields, it's now a couple of days away and I have been extremely organised this time. I have been to quite a few festivals over the past 8 years and have cultivated a list of personal essentials, mainly through trial and error (think V festival 2007 when I forgot a mirror, putting makeup on was impossible!) I wanted to share my list with you guys in case you've never been to a festival before and are not sure what to take, or even if you are a seasoned pro we can share tips!

1- Wellies - An obvious essential, I do have a pair of Hunters but without sounding obese I find them so tight on my legs they aren't very comfortable, so this year I am sticking to my garden centre boots. Even if it doesn't rain at the festival you have to remember what the weather has been like leading up to the festival, and the thought that 120,000 people walking through the same grass, can create a lot of mud! 

2 - Hat - All girls know that not washing your hair for five days can mean you might not look your best by Sunday so it is a great idea to take a hat, head scarf, wig, crown anything to distract from how vile your hair is and ideally something you can incorporate into an outfit! 

3 - Coat - This is one I struggle with to be honest, I don't have a really good quality waterproof coat, and have been caught in the rain several times but I put it down to all part of the experience and I don't mind getting a bit wet watching a band I love. I will be taking this leopard print shower proof coat but am considering also taking my almost water proof wax jacket.

4 - Toiletries - I just take all of my usual toiletries, I don't worry about mini sizes or anything I just take what I already have with the addition of hand gel, toilet roll, dry shampoo and baby wipes. Everyone wants to look nice so I usually take some lipsticks and don't forget a mirror!

5 - Bits - Disposable camera and rubbish phone. I would strongly advise you don't take anything thats worth anything, because speaking from experience coming home with your new digital camera caked in mud is not something you want! 

6 - Food - I don't tend to take a cooking stove mainly due to laziness but I do like to take a few bits to save a bit of money and for when you just fancy something but can't be bothered to walk down to the food vans. Dry food is the best option, I usually take biscuits, cereal bars, crisps and cold pizza for the first day.

Alongside all of these I usually take some fun bits like feathers, face paint and bindis just to jazz up my face that won't be looking it's best by Friday! Other bits you might want to think about taking are listed below:

  • Bin bags - You won't believe how messy your camping area can get!
  • Pillow - Nice little bit of comfort which you will appreciate.
  • Plastic Cups - Drinking out of a bottle isn't that nice after a while.
  • ID - Just in case you want to buy a cold pint when all your drink is warm.
  • Tickets - Sounds obvious but we got half way to Glastonbury once when my friend realised his ticket was pinned up in his kitchen!

I hope this helps if you're a bit stuck on where to begin and if you are going to Glastonbury have an amazing time!!

The Bargain Wish List

1- Daisy Jumper, eBay - £10.99 | 2- Patent Loafers, eBay - £14.99 | 3- Pinafore, eBay - £10.49 |
4 - Multi Glitter Bum Bag, eBay - £5.00 | 5 - Midi Skirt, eBay - £4.18 | 6 - Chunky Shoes, Fashion Union - £10.00

I am a self confessed bargain hunter! It stems from being a poor student and poor graduate yet wanting new, on trend clothes that don't break the bank, which i'm sure a lot of people can identify with. The constant dilemma of how do I get that £50 denim pinafore from Urban Outfitters, but also some £40 shoes and a £30 skirt with £30 is a constant one for me and one that I have the internet to thank for helping me solve.

I am not one of those people who will go into Topshop spend £100 and just accept it, if I can find something similar and cheaper somewhere else I don't mind having a bit of patience and shopping around. On the high street places like Primark are an absolute god send to bargain hunters, but the problem is when you find something good in there, chances are so will the rest of the world and you will always have that fear of somebody else turning up in the same outfit as you on a night out. Which is where the internet comes in! Full of discount and bargain websites all you need to do is type what you want in to eBay and chances are something will come up. I've bought loads of great items from eBay especially, and have included some of my current favourites along with these amazing shoes from Fashion Union (recommended from Isabelles blog).

Let me know if you are also a bargain hunter and share your tips in the comments :)

Blogger of the Month: The Robyn Diaries!

I'm a little bit late on picking my 'blogger of the month' this month, mainly because I have a huge list of blogs I follow but this is one i've been planning for a while and for June I have picked the lovely Robyn from 'The Robyn Diaries'.

Robyn has quite a grunge style mixed in with some really girlie pieces and almost always accessorised with her trademark bowler hat! Her style is also quite eclectic and 'thrown together' in a really rock n roll sort of way, she mixes prints and colours but they always work and I appreciate the confidence she has in putting together an outfit. I had the pleasure of meeting Robyn at LFW this year and it's always nice to meet a really lovely blogger who is friendly and chatty! 

After taking a mini break from blogging she has now given her blog a little make over and introduced some playlists on the side bar which I think is a great idea. As someone who also has a huge love for Music I love the idea of introducing your favourite bands to a fashion/style blog and we seem to have a lot of the same music tastes, which always excites me!

I've included some of her most recent outfits which also show her change in hair colour, and would love to know whether Robyns' blog is already on your 'favourites' list or whether you'll now be checking her out :)

Smock Dresses

I'm guessing the majority of you guys know of, or follow fashion blogger Lily Melrose aka LLYMLRS and if you follow her on instagram you will have seen that over the weekend she posted a photograph of herself wearing the ASOS gingham smock dress. Well HELLO Lily you have just sparked my Summer crush! I love the smock dress and I didn't even realise.

As someone who is a blatant pear shape I don't feel very comfortable with the bottom half of my body (I have the biggest bum I know!) so I tend to steer quite clear of bodycon or super tight fitting shapes, in favour of skater skirts or dresses. I don't actually mind this because bodycon isn't really my style so the skater shape fits in perfectly with how I like to dress, but now the shape seems to have moved on and smock is the new girl in town! I  should have realised it was going to be an obsession after I fell head over heels for the Motel Rocks 'Laynie' dress just before Christmas, it's over sized shape was really comfortable and flattering.

I feel a lot more comfortable in Autumn/Winter clothes - probably because I don't like my body very much so don't like it being 'out' in Summer clothes - so have been struggling, outfit wise, with the nice weather we've been having and the smock seems like a great option.  

I want to wear it with bare legs, my black leather jacket and huge sunglasses but can't decide which one I should go for, feel free to comment with which one you think :) 

Better Things

T Shirt - ASOS
Trousers - Topshop (there not online anymore but maybe in shops)
Shoes - eBay
Necklace - Vintage

I love these trousers, they are so comfortable and as I do love a good paisley print they are the perfect combination. I wore them on a night out with my leather biker jacket and a wide brimmed hat and have worn them just casually in the day with my plain white t shirt and black loafers. They're really versatile and now i'm having to stop myself buying the matching jacket too!

The best piece of news I have to share with you guys is I have been paid! Actual full time money for pretty much the first time in my life and i've been shopping. I'm gonna do a little haul post of all the new things i've bought and am really excited to have some new things for outfit posts this week!

I was absolutely gutted not to be able to attend the Bristol Craft Meet Up this weekend, I was all set and ready to go then my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Bath Spa (definitely not complaining!) so I couldn't make it but the photos look great and it looks like everyone had a great time! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and had a great weekend :)