Smock Dresses

I'm guessing the majority of you guys know of, or follow fashion blogger Lily Melrose aka LLYMLRS and if you follow her on instagram you will have seen that over the weekend she posted a photograph of herself wearing the ASOS gingham smock dress. Well HELLO Lily you have just sparked my Summer crush! I love the smock dress and I didn't even realise.

As someone who is a blatant pear shape I don't feel very comfortable with the bottom half of my body (I have the biggest bum I know!) so I tend to steer quite clear of bodycon or super tight fitting shapes, in favour of skater skirts or dresses. I don't actually mind this because bodycon isn't really my style so the skater shape fits in perfectly with how I like to dress, but now the shape seems to have moved on and smock is the new girl in town! I  should have realised it was going to be an obsession after I fell head over heels for the Motel Rocks 'Laynie' dress just before Christmas, it's over sized shape was really comfortable and flattering.

I feel a lot more comfortable in Autumn/Winter clothes - probably because I don't like my body very much so don't like it being 'out' in Summer clothes - so have been struggling, outfit wise, with the nice weather we've been having and the smock seems like a great option.  

I want to wear it with bare legs, my black leather jacket and huge sunglasses but can't decide which one I should go for, feel free to comment with which one you think :) 


  1. all these dresses are amazing! really love the fact that they're so flattering <3

  2. Great post Palms!

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  3. I love the black and white one! I've had my eye on it for a while now! It reminds me of the summer dresses we used to wear in primary school, super cute! x

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  5. Love this style of dress and this is such a pretty collection, the ASOS gingham dress is my personal fave!