The Bargain Wish List

1- Daisy Jumper, eBay - £10.99 | 2- Patent Loafers, eBay - £14.99 | 3- Pinafore, eBay - £10.49 |
4 - Multi Glitter Bum Bag, eBay - £5.00 | 5 - Midi Skirt, eBay - £4.18 | 6 - Chunky Shoes, Fashion Union - £10.00

I am a self confessed bargain hunter! It stems from being a poor student and poor graduate yet wanting new, on trend clothes that don't break the bank, which i'm sure a lot of people can identify with. The constant dilemma of how do I get that £50 denim pinafore from Urban Outfitters, but also some £40 shoes and a £30 skirt with £30 is a constant one for me and one that I have the internet to thank for helping me solve.

I am not one of those people who will go into Topshop spend £100 and just accept it, if I can find something similar and cheaper somewhere else I don't mind having a bit of patience and shopping around. On the high street places like Primark are an absolute god send to bargain hunters, but the problem is when you find something good in there, chances are so will the rest of the world and you will always have that fear of somebody else turning up in the same outfit as you on a night out. Which is where the internet comes in! Full of discount and bargain websites all you need to do is type what you want in to eBay and chances are something will come up. I've bought loads of great items from eBay especially, and have included some of my current favourites along with these amazing shoes from Fashion Union (recommended from Isabelles blog).

Let me know if you are also a bargain hunter and share your tips in the comments :)


  1. awesome wishlist, especially love the chunky shoes <3

  2. I use ebay alot for buying clothes as well, as I really can't justify paying full price for anything! Love the items you've picked out!
    - Charlotte

  3. Great find! Especially like the jumper - so cute :) x

  4. The little skirt is very cute and I love those patent loafers

    Kylie x

  5. I love the daisy jumper! :)

  6. Thanks for the mention!

    I am such a bargain hunter too and will always check eBay for what I'm looking for before the high street shops! Those loafers are definitely tempting...


  7. hehe cute jumper!