Blue Rinse

As some of you may remember, back in October when I first started my blog I dyed my hair Lilac. I absolutely loved it but it went a bit patchy and didn't last that long, so last night I randomly decided I wanted to dye my hair blue. Inspired by 90s grunge Gwen, I bought a 'Crazy Colour' bottle in 'Bubblegum Blue' and went for it this afternoon. I can't recommend the 'Crazy Colour' range enough, they do a huge variety and several versions of each colour from bright royal blue right down to pastel bubblegum blue. There's no peroxide in the formula so it's safe to do by yourself and lasts roughly 4-6 washes- perfect! I absolutely love this colour, i've done purple and pink before but I think this might be my favourite so far :) I was going to do a little tutorial on how to use it but it is so easy I didn't think there was much point. All you do is wash your hair with shampoo, towel dry and then apply! There is a lot of dye in the bottle so you don't need to worry about your hair length, just apply evenly, leave on for 15-30 minutes and there you go! If you have bleached blonde hair like mine, it lasts about 2-3 weeks so is great for a big night out, or a festival because after a few washes your hair just fades back to normal.

As for my outfit today, it's pretty simple as i've had a day off; i'm wearing a vintage oversized white shirt and lace trimmed black cycle shorts with my black converse. I got involved with helping to promote a Bristol vintage fair on the weekend and bought 5 lovely items all for £45! I have planned a blog post to show you guys my purchases which I will post tomorrow. Hope you like my hair, let me know what you think...

In Love With Fashion

Tomorrow is the day I start my new job so i'm afraid this is a very short post. I have an induction with Topshop and Love before starting properly on Saturday. I'm a little bit nervous as I guess most people are when they start a new job, but feel really lucky that i'm going to be on my feet doing something I enjoy rather than working in an office in something I hate! I'm really excited for all the new clothes i'm going to be able to share with you guys and if it's not a brand you've heard of or know much about then in a way I guess you'll be sharing the new experience with me!

I wanted to show you a few of my favourite pieces already just from browsing the website, and have no doubt i'll be setting a few pieces aside every delivery day as it seems the clothes are really my style! The jumper has a great 60's monochrome feel to it and I love the print of the second dress. I've seen images of my favourite blogger  Olivia wearing the wrap playsuit which feels like a real staple and I can already imagine myself wearing the lace crop with all my high waisted skirts! If you haven't checked out the brand yet here is the website and they also have a great bloggers affiliate program which might be of interest to some of you guys!

As for me i'm off to have a nice bath, wash my hair, do my nails all those sorts of things you do when you have something important on the next day! I haven't decided what to wear yet so no doubt that will take a while! If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment, and i'll make sure I do an outfit post of it!

Wish me luck 

Nervous Romance

Isn't it amazing how a little bit of sun can make you feel so productive and happy? This week so far has been so good and I think it's because the sun has been making an appearance! I'm going to be starting my new job this week so am trying to make the most of my last few days off; I went to the gym this morning and am now going to spend the rest of the day making some food and just relaxing with my boyfriend. Last night I went out for a friends birthday and watched the Sound City documentary, definitely worth a watch if your a music fan! Today i'm wearing this amazing tea dress from Primark! As soon as I saw it I had to have it, teamed with a big 70's floppy hat from Urban Outfitters and some plain gold jewellery. I feel like my outfits have been a bit boring lately, so i'm hoping with Spring on its way I can mix it up a bit, and now I have a new job I can get some new items to team with my old favourites!

Hope everyone is having a nice day  

London Fashion Week | Feb 2013

As you guys will know (from me going on about it on Twitter, Instagram and this blog!) on Friday I went to London Fashion Week! I was asked to go with Motel as part of their street team, which meant snapping my favourite looks and handing out discount vouchers to everyone! I decided to wear the Motel Agnes Dress, which combines all of my favourite 2013 trends in one; monochrome, bold stripes and luxe leather. Ever since I saw it on the sample rail at Motel Rocks HQ back in October I fell in love and was so happy when it was finally released! I teamed it with some suede black flats, a Rock N Rose statement cross necklace and some bright colour pop lipstick, and snapped this quick picture before setting off for the coach station.

I caught the 10.30am coach which got me into Victoria at 1.15pm and was greeted by Taz as some of you will know as a Motel Intern from last year. Taz is now a LCF student and definitely one of my favourite people i've met through Motel if not ever! We headed straight to Somerset House and met up with SelinaLucia and the rest of the team and started snapping. I was approached by Company Magazine, ASOS and several bloggers to have my picture taken which is so flattering and ended up spending most of my time chatting away! I met Lucy from ASOS Fashion Finder who was so lovely and was really happy to spot Robyn, who always leave such nice comments on my blog; it was great to meet her in person finally!

I'm not sure if this is a bit controversial but there are some pretty odd sights at LFW; including a man with tape over his eyes and a walking stick pretending to be blind, which to be honest just freaked me out a bit. I understand pushing the limits for fashion but some people really do take it too far, I much prefer more understated fashion and people who just have natural style rather than gluing things to their face and being alternative for the sake of being photographed.

These were my favourite three looks from the day all monochrome, graphic prints and bold stripes,  conveniently they are all Motel Rocks items too! The first item is the famous Jordan Jeans which need no introduction and have been spotted on countless bloggers and celebrities. My beautiful Taz is wearing vintage dungarees with a soon to be released oversized Motel Letters jumper, I actually can't wait for this one, it's long enough to wear with leggings too! Finally Sarah is wearing the Penny Dress which is avaliable now on the website along with the Agnes dress i'm wearing. Remember you can get 20% off anything on the Motel Rocks website using my discount code below :)

We left Somerset House at 4ish and headed back to Tazs flat in East London, which was a welcome relief for how cold we were! After warming up with a cup of tea we headed out to Spitalfields Market for some Greek food and a few drinks. Several drinks later we ended up in Big Chill on Brick Lane and I just had a great time catching up and meeting her new Uni friends. I have to say if you don't know London too well and are planning on heading there for the day or a night out, Brick Lane area has to be one of my favourites! Spitalfields Market has a huge range of restaurants and the general area is full of vintage shops and bars.

Orla Kiely 2013

Firstly I wanted to apologise for not doing any outfit posts this past week; my boyfriend who takes all my pictures was away for the week recording with his band! He's back now though and I have planned to take a few photos tomorrow to catch up on some of the nice outfits i've been wearing! Last Thursday I had a job interview and on my way to LFW on the Friday I had a call to say I had been offered the job :) Woo! I'm really happy that I wasn't unemployed for too long, it's amazing how much it can stress you out! The job is as concession manager in Topshop, Bristol and the concession is 'In Love With Fashion'. I only applied for jobs that I really wanted and for brands that I like and can be passionate about, and Love is definitely one of them! I get a uniform allowance so expect to see plenty of their gorgeous dresses on my blog in the future!

As some of you who follow my twitter and instagram will know I went to LFW on Friday and it was amazing! I have loads of pictures and stuff to tell you guys about it but am going to do the post tomorrow once i've edited all my pictures.

I wanted to do a post on Orla Kiely today though as it's a brand i've recently fallen in love with and am head over heels for the Spring 2013 collection. Originally a textile designer, Orlas' designs are classic feminine styles and shapes mixed with her signature 70's retro style print. The Spring 2013 line has just been released and I really wanted to share with you some of my favourite bits. Expect lots of 60's style cardigans, cute full skirts and printed trousers in a minimalist cigarette style. The clothes are simple and in neutral tones, with a gorgeous sail boat print repeated throughout.

These are my top picks from the collection, as you can tell I really like the sail boat print! I especially like the shirt, it's just such a unique print and the colour of the dress is gorgeous! I really want to get a pair of printed cigarette pants, and these are so cute and would go with everything, including the cream blouse with the lovely decorative collar. Obviously the clothes are a bit out of my price range (eek!) but that doesn't meant I can't lust over them does it? I think i'm going to put Orla Kiely in my wishlist box, and use it as my Spring/Summer inspiration for this year, until I win the lottery and can buy everything! 

As well as designing a whole women's wear and accessories range, the brand also offer a large selection of fragrance, home and 'paper' products and i've included my favourites below. All decorated in a classic Orla Kiely print too of course! I'm really interested in trying out the bath and body selection and really want to see how the perfume smells too, does anyone use the products already? I love the organiser too, how cute is that to keep all your recipes in! ♥ 

1- Shower Gel - £17.95, 2- Orla Kiely Eau De Parfum - £55.00, 3-Acorn Cup Recipe Box - £20,        4- Scented Candle - £24.00

Peter Pan Collars

As i'm unemployed at the moment, i've tried to spend my time wisely and limit lying in bed watching TV all day to once a week! I have been doing lots of organising of my room and my life in general, which I think has made me feel more calm and positive about finding a job. Today my lovely Nan wanted to take me out for the day so we decided to go to Frome, Somerset which is around a 45 minute drive from Bristol. Somerset is a really lovely place and Frome is just one of the beautiful areas along with Wells and Glastonbury. If you live in Bristol/Bath I would definitely recommend a visit or if you are visiting the South West for a weekend, a trip to any of these places would be well worth it! Frome is somewhere I have been meaning to visit for a while, ever since I read a great blogpost from Bristol blogger Niki about the large vintage shopping on offer!

We decided to stop for lunch first and found this great cafe just off the high street called 'The Garden Cafe'. I know it sounds ridiculously enthusiastic but this is probably one of the best Cafes i've ever been too! Everything on the menu was vegetarian and vegan friendly, plus most of it was organic and gluten-free. I chose a toasted cheddar sandwich with avocado and sweet chilli, which was so delicious, plus I was really happy to discover they sold their own fruit and vegetables on the side of the sweet! 

I had to include a picture of this little kids seating area, how lovely!

The rest of the shops however were perfectly my style! First up was Truly Sopel, unfortunately the shop was closing down so there wasn't much of a choice, but the brand has been set up by an LCF graduate, who has created a unique brand mixing girlie styles with colourful fabrics and childhood classics. I fell in love with all of the prints and waffle cardigans, but sizes were limited and I was gutted to leave with nothing. I was assured however that the brand would continue online and if you are interested in seeing some more check out the website Truly Sopel.

My favourite find of the day had to be Poot. A classic vintage shop, full to the brim with bags, dresses and shoes. I got chatting to the shop owner, who was absolutely lovely and she showed me a load of new vintage she had just received. After a good 45 minutes of trying on shirts, shoes and dresses I settled on a gorgeous pair of toe capped shoes and a blouse which could have been created from my own mind; black with a white peter pan favourite! Sorry for the photo of the blouse, it would not photograph well because of the contrast in colours! The owner also told me she would be running a stall at Glastonbury Festival in the Avalon field, which i'll definitely be going to find!

Finally there was 'Make and Mend Vintage' which I was super excited about as soon as I spotted it! It has a fantastic entrance with large windows and an art deco style exterior, and a huge array of vintage dresses. I fell in love with a gold 70's dress but it was a bit too expensive for how often i'd wear it (me being sensible!) I did find a couple of great pairs of chelsea boots, some 60's dresses and a few jackets - I would definitely recommend a visit if you're in the area. 

As you can tell I had such a lovely day and if you live in Bristol, definitely take a trip out to Frome if you get the chance, the shops are all lovely and the people were so friendly! Even if you don't love vintage shopping as much as I do, I would definitely recommend a trip to the 'Garden Cafe' they are open late and have a full bar ♥♥



Today is a vile day, it's really grey, dark and rainy and I am very hungover. Last night however was brilliant, feels like I haven't been on a good night out since New Year so me and a load of friends went down The Lanes nightclub in Bristol where they hold a weekly night, which basically plays all my favourite songs! I bumped into an old friend and was so happy to see her, it was great to catch up and just have a laugh like old times! Obviously I look horrific today so an outfit post is out of the question, but I have had a little idea to do a post on some of my favourite disposable camera images. I love reading peoples blogs; looking at their purchases and their outfits but I also love it when people write more lifestyle posts. Things like bedroom tours, daily routines and just general things about their lives away from blogging, so I thought this would be a nice Sunday afternoon post for you guys to read and see some funny photos that show you a bit more about my life. I have a bit of an obsession with disposable cameras, I like the way they come out really grainy and you always forget what pictures you've taken! I think it's a nostalgic thing too, they remind me of the 90's, and the best thing? Opening up the packet when you get them back and laughing your head off at how funny they are! I hope you enjoy and don't laugh too much at my ridiculous obsession with the peace sign!