Orla Kiely 2013

Firstly I wanted to apologise for not doing any outfit posts this past week; my boyfriend who takes all my pictures was away for the week recording with his band! He's back now though and I have planned to take a few photos tomorrow to catch up on some of the nice outfits i've been wearing! Last Thursday I had a job interview and on my way to LFW on the Friday I had a call to say I had been offered the job :) Woo! I'm really happy that I wasn't unemployed for too long, it's amazing how much it can stress you out! The job is as concession manager in Topshop, Bristol and the concession is 'In Love With Fashion'. I only applied for jobs that I really wanted and for brands that I like and can be passionate about, and Love is definitely one of them! I get a uniform allowance so expect to see plenty of their gorgeous dresses on my blog in the future!

As some of you who follow my twitter and instagram will know I went to LFW on Friday and it was amazing! I have loads of pictures and stuff to tell you guys about it but am going to do the post tomorrow once i've edited all my pictures.

I wanted to do a post on Orla Kiely today though as it's a brand i've recently fallen in love with and am head over heels for the Spring 2013 collection. Originally a textile designer, Orlas' designs are classic feminine styles and shapes mixed with her signature 70's retro style print. The Spring 2013 line has just been released and I really wanted to share with you some of my favourite bits. Expect lots of 60's style cardigans, cute full skirts and printed trousers in a minimalist cigarette style. The clothes are simple and in neutral tones, with a gorgeous sail boat print repeated throughout.

These are my top picks from the collection, as you can tell I really like the sail boat print! I especially like the shirt, it's just such a unique print and the colour of the dress is gorgeous! I really want to get a pair of printed cigarette pants, and these are so cute and would go with everything, including the cream blouse with the lovely decorative collar. Obviously the clothes are a bit out of my price range (eek!) but that doesn't meant I can't lust over them does it? I think i'm going to put Orla Kiely in my wishlist box, and use it as my Spring/Summer inspiration for this year, until I win the lottery and can buy everything! 

As well as designing a whole women's wear and accessories range, the brand also offer a large selection of fragrance, home and 'paper' products and i've included my favourites below. All decorated in a classic Orla Kiely print too of course! I'm really interested in trying out the bath and body selection and really want to see how the perfume smells too, does anyone use the products already? I love the organiser too, how cute is that to keep all your recipes in! ♥ 

1- Shower Gel - £17.95, 2- Orla Kiely Eau De Parfum - £55.00, 3-Acorn Cup Recipe Box - £20,        4- Scented Candle - £24.00


  1. Congrats on the new job!

    1. Aw thank you, i'm so excited to start! xx

  2. That sail boat skirt must look gorgeous in the blue! Congrats on the new job, I love LOVE and that concession in Toppers :)

    The Style Rawr!

  3. Congrats on the job lady! whoop whooooop!!
    Your blog is so pretty :) Lovely to spot you at LFW on Friday!
    I'm pleased to say I've popped your in a special top Bloggers street style edit on ASOS Fashion finder - enjoy!


  4. Congratulations on the new job, I'd love to work at Topshop! :) xo