These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

This week I have been trying to be creative with my blog posts, mainly as I felt I was starting to get a bit stale with ideas, and also I have a massive stye on my eye which is preventing me from doing any outfit posts! I've never had a stye before but it's so uncomfortable, I feel like i've been punched in the eye! It's also swollen so I can't really wear any make up meaning outfit posts are off the agenda until next week :(

If you follow me on twitter you will see that i've been making good use of my spare time, and this week had a massive bedroom clear out and rearrange. I feel like I have a new bedroom so I thought I would share with you guys some pictures of my favourite bedroom things...

Gold Mirror

I bought this mirror for £5 in an antiques shop in Bristol, it's a bit battered around the edges and has some candle wax which will not come off, but I love it none the less. Me and my boyfriend bought it for the flat we used to live in and when we moved out it came home with me; which i'm very happy about. It's one of those things i'm gonna be really glad I have when I have my own place again, but at the moment it happily leans against my wall until I close my drawer too hard; then it falls down and scares the crap out of me!

'Legs' and 'Annie Hall'

I really need to get some frames for these two as they're both such lovely prints, but at the moment they're just lightly stuck to the wall above my bed. The 'legs' picture was an amazing gift from one of my best friends and 'Annie Hall' is my favourite film so it seems right to have the poster in here. The paint on my wall looks very green here, I think its the light as usually is a more duck egg sort of colour.

Dressing Table

Without doubt the best present i've ever received, this is my pride and joy! It was a birthday present from my boyfriend and was a total surprise! I couldn't believe it, it was the nicest thing someone could do and now i've covered it with perfume, beauty products and a few sentimental pictures.

This is a glass bowl from a charity shop where I keep all of my rings. I have so many rings and they range from rubbish quality £1 eBay rings to my other pride and joy the 'Biba' ring. 

Fred Perry Canvas

My brother works for Fred Perry and he got me this when they re-merchandised the store. It's a canvas print and I just find it really unique, it looks perfect next to my dressing table. 

The Chair

Bought in Habitat in the early 1960's this chair was my Grandparents and what a chair it is! My Dad can remember sitting on his Grandads knee in this chair in the 1960's, which is such a nice thought when i'm sat watching TV on it. The union jack cushion was a gift from Abbie who bought it one birthday, I had been wanting one for ages and she managed to find me the perfect one! 


This picture highlights a slightly crazed obsession I have for magazines! Elle magazine is probably the reason I decided to do a fashion degree, and i've had a subscription for a few years along with Harpers Bazaar. There's something precious about high end glossy magazines to me, I couldn't rip anything out of them I think of them as little books. The rest of my collection is made up of vintage Vogue magazines given to me by a friends Mum who was about to throw them out, they date from 1972 - 2009. 

So that is my little space, the place I write my blog posts and think up ideas for outfits. I hope you enjoyed these pictures and let me know if you've done something similar because I love having a good nosey around peoples houses haha! Ooo also check out my Pinterest on the right if you want to see some gorgeous interior images i've pinned. 


  1. The mirror is so pretty and I love your magazine collection! x

  2. Oh wow, those magazines! And poor you having a stye :( A friend of mine had a stye when we were younger and I've been terrified of getting one ever since! Sorry, that probably hasn't helped has it?!

    - Tabitha at x

  3. Hope your eye feels better soon, your room is lovely, I am jealous of all those magazines!

    Maria xxx