Soap & Glory Gift Set

For Christmas I was so lucky to receive lots of great make up, beauty products and perfumes, but the one I really wanted to share with you guys was this Soap & Glory set named "Showers that Glee". It was a gift from a member of my boyfriends family so I guess it was toiletries, but when I saw the box I was so excited as it was huge!

Soap & Glory are one of my favourite ranges, I love the feel of the products, the smell and of course the beautiful retro packaging style. The packaging is really similar to Benefit in the sense that they both use vintage imagery and play on the names of their products, and even though Soap & Glory is a lot cheaper I still think it can match the quality of higher priced products.

The first thing I loved about this gift set was that all the items are fully sized. Travel sized items are great for holidays and to test out a product but I always seem to have loads of the 'Body Mist' which I never use and none of the shower gel which I love! In fact i've just checked a drawer and I have four unused body mists! My second favourite thing about this set was two of the main products are items I have never tried before - perfect! The set comes with the standard shower puff and a really useful hair towel but the main products are 'Pulp Friction Body Scrum', 'Butter Yourself Body Butter' and 'Foam Call Shower & Bath Wash'.

Pulp Friction Body Scrub

This smelt so summery, as soon as I used it I felt refreshed! It smelt of citrus and mint and when I checked the ingredients it is a blend of peppermint, lemonade tree oil, orange and fig powder. It is a good scrub in that it foams well, meaning it will last a while however it is quite sticky so you will need to make sure it's all washed off after showering! It left my skin feeling really smooth and fresh, albeit a little dry so I was desperate to use the body butter after.

Foam Call Shower & Bath Wash

An everyday item this was the product I will use the most, so I needed it to be good! Squeezing it onto the S&G puff it instantly smelt great and lathered up well, I hate using shower gels that don't lather! It felt really smooth and left my skin smelling great and well moisturised, meaning I can use it quickly without having to worry about moisturising if i'm in a rush. (apologies for the glare on this picture, took about 50 photos of it but they all had glare!).

Butter Yourself Body Butter

I have really dry skin and it gets so much worse throughout the Winter so I need a good body moisturiser which I know is going to last throughout the day, there is nothing worse than having dry legs because wearing tights or leggings becomes SO uncomfortable! This cream is fairly thick, it's probably not wise to use when you're in a rush as it takes a few minutes to soak in, but after a bath/shower at night it is a dream! I've used Soap & Glory butters before but this one has a citrus smell and literally glides on to your skin. The scent lasted which I liked and it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy, but very smooth and soft.

I really liked all of these products but was especially impressed with the 'Foam Call Shower & Bath Wash', they are all reasonably priced at around £10 and you get good sized products which last for around 4-6 weeks (depending on the product). I would definitely recommend all of them especially if you have dry skin like me and want a low priced but good quality shower range.


  1. OMG!
    I had this for Christmas and I've only just opened it, it smells lovely :3

  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  3. I love crown and glory products, this gave me a few more to investigate :) x