Girl Power

I'm a self confessed Pinterest addict, and one of my favourite boards is dedicated to famous woman who I find stylish and/or inspirational. I wanted to share with you some of these women, from my favourite lady of all time, Kate Moss and my ultimate style icon Anita Pallenberg to some new favourites Stevie Nicks and Jane Birkin.

It's not all about the clothes however, I love Iris Apfel because of her dedication to not be defined by her age and conform to how older ladies are 'supposed to dress' and Annie Hall has such a great character, it's also a bit sentimental because I always get compared to her by my Dad and Grandad; mainly her driving and untidiness! 

Sienna Miller

 Debbie Harry

 Stevie Nicks

Anita Pallenberg

Brigitte Bardot

Jane Birkin

Iris Apfel

Edie Sedgwick

Penny Lane

Annie Hall

Fritter Away

When I decided to relaunch my blog I hoped by January I would have moved into my new place so I would be able to have a nice new space to show you guys. I was particularly looking forward to doing some foodie posts in my new kitchen but as it happens my moving date has been pushed to March, so I will have to wait a little longer before photographing my new flat and showing you all my new home items.

Today I wanted to share a recipe that I found on Pinterest and tweaked to my liking, when people find out i'm a vegetarian one of the most common questions I get asked is 'what do you eat?!' but not eating meat isn't as boring or as limiting as a lot people think. I like to make this as a weekend breakfast, but it's so easy and quick it can be used in any meal and is a fairly healthier option to the usual fried breakfast.

Ingredients (to make 6 fritters)

Half courgette

Handful of sweetcorn
1/4 cup of flour
Clove of garlic or I used a drizzle of garlic oil
1 egg

It's hard to write this out as a 'method' as it is so simple, all you need to do is grate the courgette and throw all the ingredients into a bowl, then mix it up into a batter. 

Heat a frying pan up with a little oil, it they don't need to be deep fried to just a little to coat the pan is enough. 

Place spoonfuls of the mixture into the pan so they aren't touching and flatten like pancakes, cook on each side for 2 or 3 minutes. 

I decided to have mine with poached eggs on English muffins for Sunday breakfast, has anyone else ever tried this recipe or let me know how you get on with your own version!

Back To Blogging

After a six month break from blogging it is finally time for me unveil my new logo and layout and pick up where I left off. 2014 was a hard year for me, I lived with my boyfriend in a tiny attic room, kept my clothes in bin bags and almost froze due to no central heating. I struggled with finding a job I loved and lost a lot of confidence. However all that has changed and 2015 has started well, i'm moving into a flat, attending Pilates classes and returning to blogging which has always been a huge passion for me. I can't wait to start posting outfits and beauty reviews again but until then here are The Flaming Lips.