The Shimmer Band In Glasgow

As I mentioned in a previous post my boyfriends band went on tour with The Strypes recently so me and my friend decided to use it as an excuse for a little trip and travelled up to Glasgow to watch them. I didn't take any pictures in the day but the city was absolutely lovely, we had a good look around Buchanan Street which seemed to house most of the high street shops, it was a lot of the same sort of shops we have here in Bristol; Topshop, H&M, Zara etc with the added bonus of Forever 21. I'm not sure whether it's because we don't have a Forever 21 in Bristol but I love it and feel like I could buy most of the things I see in there! We also ventured out to the Byres Road area which had A LOT of great vintage and charity shops, it was so nice to just wander around, something me and my friend rarely get to do together because of work etc. When the boys arrived in Glasgow we met them for some food- all you can eat- the obvious choice of five starving boys, so I probably overindulged on beige foods!

The evening was spent getting ready in our travel lodge, drinking G&T's before heading out to the venue and watching the bands. The gig was at The Garage and afterwards we ventured over to Nice n' Sleazys which boasted very cheap drinks as well as a room downstairs playing Motown, we were very happy!

One of the strangest/funniest things however was the amount of teenage girls queuing up to have their photos taken with the boys! The night before we left, there was a bit of a Shimmer Band frenzy on Twitter, quite a few girls were tweeting about how in love they were with them and one even asked how she could get a date with the bearded guy with the ponytail, who also happens to be my brother. It was amazing to see how social media has changed the way we react to things we like, rather than just telling our friends we saw a great band we can now tell the world, which is great exposure for the people on the receiving end of that attention- it's a huge change to when I was going to watch gigs when I was 14. It was good to see them getting so much attention but I think everyone can relate to how funny/surreal it is hearing a large amount of people talk about how much they fancy your brother and friends!

Pancake Day

Top - Urban Outfitters (old) 
Shirt - Vintage
Necklace - Waiste
Belt - Vintage
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Dr Martens

I took these photos last week before I dyed my hair pink again, and had quite alot chopped off! I have fallen head over heels for this skirt, i've bought a few items recently that I really love, and had been looking for an A Line denim skirt for ages before I found this one for £9.99 in Zara. It's quite short so I don't think i'd be able to wear it without tights but it seems to look good with everything, including this leopard print shirt my friend gave me a while back!