Fred Perry: Bradley Wiggins

On Thursday night I went to the launch of the Bradley Wiggins collection in Fred Perry, Bristol. It was an event happening all across the UK and as my brother works for Fred Perry I decided to go along and support the Bristol store. The event was 7-9pm and personally I think the Bristol store did a great job of hosting a true 'mod' inspired evening.  

I decided to wear my new Urban Outfitters denim pinafore with a vintage long sleeved t shirt and my black creepers. I do love this pinafore but it is quite shapeless, I know thats the style but I don't know if it suits me?! Outfit crisis!! 

We got to the store at 7.45pm and it was fairly busy with lots of people trying on items and purchasing at the till. Free drinks were on hand and we were invited to look through the new collection as well as browse the other Fred Perry lines; all staff were around to tell us about the Bradley Wiggins collection and how cyclist clothing had inspired the designs. Bristols finest 60's DJ span motown classics in the corner and the shop had been decked out with bicycle wheels hanging from the ceiling and huge paisleys for the current Amy Winehouse collection. I bought a bright red jumper with a blue laurel wreath (which i'll be sure to include in a post soon) and took some photographs whilst my boyfriend tried on some of the collection, we were also invited to instagram a picture in order to win a Bradley Wiggins item! The event was so much fun and i'm so glad I went, it's always strange going to 'after hours' events in shops because it feels a bit wrong; like being at school after dark! However having the DJ made it feel more like a unique club night especially teamed with the free drinks! Did anyone else go to the launch at a different Fred Perry or have you bought any Fred Perry recently? 

** Sorry I forgot to charge my camera...classic me, so I had to take these images on my phone, so sorry for the not so great quality!! 

Black Moon

Top - eBay
Crop Top Underneath - Motel Larry
Skirt - Topshop Andie Skirt
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Office
Necklace - Rock N Rose

Today is quite frankly a shit day. Sorry for the abrupt start to this post but once again I have been made redundant!! Can you believe it? Being made redundant twice in three months has got to be some sort of record right? I was told the news yesterday and am not quite sure how I feel about it yet; on one hand its a push for me to go and do something that I actually want to spend my life doing but on the other hand it's scary to think I have 4 weeks to find something else or i'm going to be completely buggered!

On a more positive note look at this top I found on eBay for 99p! It's pretty much the same as the little lace crops they're doing in Topshop at the moment except it's slightly more grunge and a complete bargain! I've teamed it with my lovely new shoes from Office which cost me quite a lot of money (i've never spent £70 on shoes before!) As you might be able to tell i'm a complete bargain hunter and it took a good few weeks of searching eBay for some cheap copies, before I decided none quite fit the bill and I should just buy them! Do any of you guys have these shoes and love them as much as I do? Also if you have any ideas of anywhere I can apply for a part time job in Bristol, you know hook a sister up!

Bring It On Down

Necklace - Rock N Rose
Creepers - eBay
Braclet - Topshop & Vintage
Lipstick - Barry M, Coral

It feels like it's been such a long time since, I did an outfit post! Usually my boyfriend takes my pictures but he was away for a week, back, then away again so I haven't had much chance to do any. In my new job I am lucky enough to be able to be given uniform, so for my first piece I picked this gorgeous black and white striped dress, i've wanted one for ages and have seen quite a few but loved the little black collar on this one. I can wear it on it's own like this or team it with a jumper so the collar can poke out the top! As you can see my blue hair is starting to fade, it's more of a pastel shade now which is nice but I am looking forward to having my silver hair back so I can start to wear all the blue things I seem to have bought lately (blue hair and blue clothes is not a good look for me!)

In other news I went to see Jessie Ware last week; she was incredible and came across so well, I would watch her again without a thought! This week i'm going to the Bradley Wiggins launch in the Bristol Fred Perry tomorrow night so will be sure to take my camera along! If you are a Fred Perry fan and live in a city with your own store then make sure you head down tomorrow night as it is an event thats happening across the country! Today marks the beginning of Bristol Fashion Week and I feel really lucky to be involved in a live blogging event which is happening during one of the shows, if you're a Bristol blogger whose also going then please get in touch as I am currently going alone and would love to meet up with someone for a drink while i'm there!

I also wanted to quickly say as i'm sure you're all aware GFC is going and i'm so sad that it means I might lose some of you as followers :( I have a bloglovin account which is going to be the best way to follow from now on so here is my link and if you currently follow on GFC please follow on bloglovin instead (that way you can continue to see my ever changing hair colour and general ranting!) I've heard that there is going to be a way you can import all of the blogs you follow on GFC into bloglovin so if anyone has any info on this please let me know, i'm gonna be gutted if I end up losing any of the blogs I follow!

Recent Purchases

This is a little collection of a few of the things I have bought recently. These were the things that photographed the best even though there were a few more items, but for some reason the others just looked terrible laid flat, hopefully they will look better on! The first item is a little playsuit from Topshop which was £26, it's quite expensive for a beach cover up but I thought I could wear it with a black bandeau and tights which made me justify it a little more! Secondly my absolute favourite current item; the Urban Outfitters denim pinafore! I don't know what is wrong with me but I seem to have reverted back to childhood and just want to wear dungarees and pinafores all the time. This one was quite pricey at £58 but 100% worth it if this is something you are looking for. It's quite a strange shape to get used to as it's quite square but a really lovely item which I will definitely be doing an outfit post on this week! The last two items are two vintage shirts one from eBay and the other from a vintage fair. Both were under £10 which is brilliant and look great tucked into skater skirts or vintage levis. I did include a picture of my white vintage dress from the vintage fair too but honestly it photographed so badly when laid out so instead here is a link to me wearing it! 

I can't write a blog post without touching on what's going on in my life at the moment and to be honest life at the moment seems a little crazy! I am working pretty much full time at my job, going to the gym and sleeping a lot and i'm afraid my blog has been suffering because of it. I always feel so guilty because I love writing this so much and I hereby promise to dedicate more time to posts in the future, which I know will make my friend Bea who is my number 1 fan happy! 

Thank you to everyone who has followed me and who leaves me such lovely comments and hello to all my new bloglovin followers, I really do appreciate every single one of you :)

Discount Day

As you guys know I do love a bit of Motel and even though I don't work for them anymore I still love the clothes and can't stop buying them! At the moment everything seems pretty monochrome but I love the colour injection of electric blue, it's quickly becoming my favourite colour of the season! I've just put together my four favourite Motel pieces on sale at the moment, let me know what you think and whether you have any of them :)

1- Polly Babydoll Dress in Black Pyramid- This dress is a beauty, a lovely flattering babydoll shape, a lot like the Laynie with a contemporary twist on the standard black and white monochrome. It's £35 which I thought was quite well priced and would look good in the summer with bare legs and a bikini underneath or at night with tights and creepers!

2- Catalina Off The Shoulder in Sapphire - I really like the off the shoulder trend and more than anything I absolutely love this colour. This is a really basic dress that I can see myself wearing with tight and lace up ankle boots with lots of jewellery.

3 - Amy Front Zip Mini Skirt in Square Eyes - This skirt is so 60's its amazing! With something like this I need to think of at least 5 things I can wear it with and I have already decided it's going to look good with an electric blue jumper or a black t shirt - definitely justified!

4- Pollyanna PU Trim Shift Dress in Black Smoke - Finally this is a new print which is so subtle, it will go with so much! I really like dipped hem dresses and the print is quite toned down compared to most of the bright OTT Motel prints!

Remember if you like any of these too you can save 20% by using the discount code 'sophiepalms' at the check out 

Blogger Of The Month: Kim, Love Cloth!

The past few weeks have gone so fast I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted! I have been working hard at my job, and buying lots of things- I have a haul post planned for the weekend! It's a sad week this week because obviously I was supposed to be going skiing but after I was made redundant could no longer afford it, so have been missing my boyfriend and friends who did get to go

Anyway sad point over, it is a new month which means I get to pick a new blogger of the month, and this month I choose Kim from Love Cloth! I only discovered Kims blog in the past few months and am so glad I did because I absolutely love her style. Kim shares my love of chelsea boots, collars and hats and her style is really simple and laid back, plus she always looks so happy and cheery! I've picked a few of my favourite of her outfits to show you and if you've never seen her blog before I would definitely recommend a look here!

The other thing I love about her blog is that she plays around a lot with her images and often layers her images with illustrations or text, which is something I would love to try. The layout of Love Cloth is also really simple and and minimal which reflects Kims style and her images are really beautiful and often shot is gorgeous locations. A lot of her outfits are sweet feminine dresses which she toughens up with boots, or 60's style items brought up to date with a hat or great pair of new shoes. Kim seems like she has amazing natural style and her outfits always seem really well pulled together - she has her style pinned down!

What do you think of Kims style? Is she a already one of your favourite bloggers, or one you've just discovered?

Let me know in the comments