Fred Perry: Bradley Wiggins

On Thursday night I went to the launch of the Bradley Wiggins collection in Fred Perry, Bristol. It was an event happening all across the UK and as my brother works for Fred Perry I decided to go along and support the Bristol store. The event was 7-9pm and personally I think the Bristol store did a great job of hosting a true 'mod' inspired evening.  

I decided to wear my new Urban Outfitters denim pinafore with a vintage long sleeved t shirt and my black creepers. I do love this pinafore but it is quite shapeless, I know thats the style but I don't know if it suits me?! Outfit crisis!! 

We got to the store at 7.45pm and it was fairly busy with lots of people trying on items and purchasing at the till. Free drinks were on hand and we were invited to look through the new collection as well as browse the other Fred Perry lines; all staff were around to tell us about the Bradley Wiggins collection and how cyclist clothing had inspired the designs. Bristols finest 60's DJ span motown classics in the corner and the shop had been decked out with bicycle wheels hanging from the ceiling and huge paisleys for the current Amy Winehouse collection. I bought a bright red jumper with a blue laurel wreath (which i'll be sure to include in a post soon) and took some photographs whilst my boyfriend tried on some of the collection, we were also invited to instagram a picture in order to win a Bradley Wiggins item! The event was so much fun and i'm so glad I went, it's always strange going to 'after hours' events in shops because it feels a bit wrong; like being at school after dark! However having the DJ made it feel more like a unique club night especially teamed with the free drinks! Did anyone else go to the launch at a different Fred Perry or have you bought any Fred Perry recently? 

** Sorry I forgot to charge my camera...classic me, so I had to take these images on my phone, so sorry for the not so great quality!! 


  1. looks super fun! i bought my boyfriend a Fred Perry sweater for Christmas :)

  2. great photos,looks like you had lots of fun