Blogger Of The Month: Kim, Love Cloth!

The past few weeks have gone so fast I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted! I have been working hard at my job, and buying lots of things- I have a haul post planned for the weekend! It's a sad week this week because obviously I was supposed to be going skiing but after I was made redundant could no longer afford it, so have been missing my boyfriend and friends who did get to go

Anyway sad point over, it is a new month which means I get to pick a new blogger of the month, and this month I choose Kim from Love Cloth! I only discovered Kims blog in the past few months and am so glad I did because I absolutely love her style. Kim shares my love of chelsea boots, collars and hats and her style is really simple and laid back, plus she always looks so happy and cheery! I've picked a few of my favourite of her outfits to show you and if you've never seen her blog before I would definitely recommend a look here!

The other thing I love about her blog is that she plays around a lot with her images and often layers her images with illustrations or text, which is something I would love to try. The layout of Love Cloth is also really simple and and minimal which reflects Kims style and her images are really beautiful and often shot is gorgeous locations. A lot of her outfits are sweet feminine dresses which she toughens up with boots, or 60's style items brought up to date with a hat or great pair of new shoes. Kim seems like she has amazing natural style and her outfits always seem really well pulled together - she has her style pinned down!

What do you think of Kims style? Is she a already one of your favourite bloggers, or one you've just discovered?

Let me know in the comments 


  1. Wow her style is so lovely! Didn't know her, but I'm glad I do now (:

  2. Oh that must be rubbish not being able to go. Silly work making you redundant. Just pretend they're having a rubbish time without you :) Kim has such a lovely look, thanks for the recommendation! x

  3. her style is amazing as well as her whole blog!
    thanks for introducing her :)

  4. wow this is me!.. cant believe someone has picked me as their 'blogger of the month' thank you very much Sophie. Hope I can pass on some 'happy and cheery' kim to a post that started so sad! :)


  5. I'm following her, I love her outfits and photos! :)

    Http:// xxxx

  6. so nice post! :)
    have a nice day!!

  7. I've never heard of her blog but she has amazing style! I'll have to check it out.

  8. I had never come across Kim's blog before, thanks for pointing me in her direction, she's amazing!!

    Denise x

  9. Kim's blog looks amazing, thanks for sharing :)

    Maria xxx

  10. I've nominted your lovely blog for the Liebster award! all the information is here -

    Mutsa xxx

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