Pukka Tea Review

As i've mentioned before on this blog I have been working as a temp since June, alongside a part time analytics job here in Bristol. One assignment I had just before Christmas was with Pukka Herbs, a organic herbal remedy company whose philosophy is based on the ancient wisdom Ayurveda 'the art of living wisely'. 

They sell a range of teas and supplements, a few of which I had already tried, and it was really exciting to get there on my first day and be told there is free herbal tea all day every day! I only did a short stint with the company, however my main role was to support the team during their annual training week and I was able to sit in on a few presentations and really find out a lot about the company, their ethics towards farming and the benefits of introducing herbal remedies into our lives. I sampled quite a few of the teas during my two weeks and my favourites had to be Womankind and Serene Jasmine Green, I decided to purchase them from my local health food store and have really integrated them into my daily routine.

The leaves come in tea bags which are individually packed in little sachets meaning I can throw a few into my bag for work and i'm not going to end up with tea leaves everywhere! Everyone knows how to make tea so I won't patronise you with a description of how to use them, but i've found with herbal tea it is best to leave the tea bag in rather than taking it out straight away. Before trying these my main experience with herbal teas had been flavours overpowered by nettle which I didn't particularly like, however Pukka teas have strong distinctive flavours and you can really distinguish between the different herbs and spices which make up the tea.

My favourite so far has to be Womankind, a blend of vanilla and cranberry make this tea a sweet and light drink which is designed to help give women balance, I tend to have one of these mid morning. Pukka have a range of different green teas but my favourite is definitely Serene Jasmine Green, in the past I have found green tea to be a bit strong but this recipe is blended with camomile and lavender, the green tea helps with digestion and the camomile is calming and helps me to relax.

You can find your local stockist of Pukka Tea here on the website and they retail at around £2.50, let me know if you're already a fan or are keen to try them!