Staring At Stars

All items from Urban Outfitters online

This summer I have really fallen back in love with the 70's gypsy look I used to love so much as a teenager, I can't stop looking at Mink Pink dresses on ASOS and have been buying printed items rather than plain for a change. 

I recently discovered 'Staring At Stars' on the Urban Outfitters website when I noticed all the items on my wish-list were from the same label, I tried to do some research into the brand but can't find anything about it, so if you're familiar with it or have a website link then hit me up! 

In other news I have been working a lot this week, and had a great weekend which included a gin fuelled Saturday night and a pizza fuelled Sunday. 

Lime In The Coconut

When I was 15 I went on holiday with my family and had a holiday romance with a bag, a coconut bag to be exact. It's an actual coconut with a zip around the centre and a long rope handle, I used to take it into town on nights out (when you didn't need ID) with all my essentials; phone, debit card, keys and black eyeliner. 

Since then i've never quite found another bag which matched up, nothing seems as fun or interesting as a coconut...until now! I recently saw Olivia post the new Lulu Guinness bag on Instagram and whilst I can't quite afford the £395 price tag, it got me thinking about bags and how i'm a bit bored with the standard satchel or oversized handbag; I want something to make a statement! So I set myself a little challenge to find some interesting styles online and wanted to share my finds with you!

Look out for the black cat bag on my blog soon, I just couldn't resist! 

Choies - Cat Handbag

Lulu Guinness - Sapphire Eye Clutch 

Blackbird Bag - Etsy

Penny Lane

1 - ASOS Swing Dress | 2. Louche Skirt | 3. Topshop Cloud Jumper | 4. eBay Buckle Boots | 
5. Boohoo Jumpsuit 

This is the most exciting time of the year for Fashion; the transition from Spring/Summer to Autumn/ Winter. It's time to get out your coats and boots and decide how your gonna keep warm this season. I have a trusty pair of Dr Martens and a faux fur coat which have both been staples for a few years but this year I really want a 70s style coat like Penny Lane in Almost Famous, wish me luck finding one of them! I love all the fluffy jumpers that are coming out at the moment but no matter how hard I try and find a cheaper version, nothing quite compares to the Topshop cloud, it is so soft and such a good length.

Quarter Life Crisis

Sequin Jacket - Vintage
Black Dress - Boohoo
Necklace - Primark 
Lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss 107
Shoes - eBay
Rings - Biba and Bristol Silver Shops

It's been a while since I posted an outfit, over a month at least and it appears I have forgotten how to have my photograph taken, but after my little blogging break I am back and feeling super positive and excited about blogging again. I've made a few changes in my life over the past 6 months and can honestly say I am currently the happiest that I have been in a long time. My anxiety has almost completely gone away and I feel more like myself again after a very long and confusing period, which scared me and a lot of the people around me.

The biggest change I have made is I have a new job - yes again! When I finished University I felt an immense pressure to go into a career straight away and after interning and gaining experience in fashion retail management, I finally felt comfortable and secure working as the store manager for Motel Rocks. My heart was broken when they closed that shop, it meant so much to me and since the redundancy i''ve been wanting to care about a job that much again and wake up in the mornings looking forward to work. After the redundancy I did some temping and a few odd retails jobs but kept thinking back to how happy I had been whilst working at Motel and felt I needed to go back to doing something along those lines.

After a bit of a search during the summer I found a job with independent boutique Fox and Feather in Bristol; I am working 4 days a week in the shop as well as doing a bit of newsletter and blog writing. I feel really happy to have met Clare, the owner, I love helping her come up with ideas for the shop, and feel so lucky that we have such a great working relationship, it's great to feel like part of the company and not just an employee number.

Working part time means I might not have a lot of money but at least it means I am able to develop my other passions, I have time to practice bass guitar and am even part of a girl band now! I also have time to dedicate to this blog and to concentrate on another project which I can't tell you about just yet. I was a really unhappy person for a long time and if you suffer from depression you will understand quite how debilitating that can be, I feel as though i've finally come through it and understand how I want my life to be, sometimes you just have to do the things you want rather than the things you think you should be doing.

Sorry for the long and fairly deep blog post, I hope no one thinks i've lost the plot! I promise everything else will be light and chirpy from now on!