Lime In The Coconut

When I was 15 I went on holiday with my family and had a holiday romance with a bag, a coconut bag to be exact. It's an actual coconut with a zip around the centre and a long rope handle, I used to take it into town on nights out (when you didn't need ID) with all my essentials; phone, debit card, keys and black eyeliner. 

Since then i've never quite found another bag which matched up, nothing seems as fun or interesting as a coconut...until now! I recently saw Olivia post the new Lulu Guinness bag on Instagram and whilst I can't quite afford the £395 price tag, it got me thinking about bags and how i'm a bit bored with the standard satchel or oversized handbag; I want something to make a statement! So I set myself a little challenge to find some interesting styles online and wanted to share my finds with you!

Look out for the black cat bag on my blog soon, I just couldn't resist! 

Choies - Cat Handbag

Lulu Guinness - Sapphire Eye Clutch 

Blackbird Bag - Etsy

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