February Wishlist

I am without doubt the kind of neurotic person who writes a list about the things they want, in fact I actually start to feel a bit anxious when I haven't got a list of things I want! If I just go shopping without anything in mind I completely fall apart and just buy everything, so it's probably for the best really that I have these lists! At the moment I am completely in love with everything in Topshop, which is why I decided to make Februarys Wishlist 100% Topshop! I don't know whether it's the time of year or whether the Bristol Topshop just has fantastic Visual Merchandisers, but either way the past few times i've been in there I seem to want everything in the window or on the inside mannequins.

1- Red Lace Crop Top - £15. This seems like a real Summer staple, it comes in several colours and is the type of essential you could wear with high waisted skirts, disco pants, and underneath pinafores. At only £15 i'm definitely going to get one just not 100% certain of which colour yet.

2- Denim Pinafore Dress - £38. This is my current number one. I bought the black crepe pinafore and totally fell in love with the style and the shape, and this denim one seems like the kind of thing I will live in during the summer. I can think of a million different ways to wear it; with shirts, crop tops, jumpers, black, white, or with just a bikini underneath on holiday. I need to take it to Glastonbury and am just too excited about it for words!

3- Cream Lace Collar Top - £16. Another summer staple, an item you can wear with lots of high waisted skirt, shorts or jeans. A great price and just something that i'll wear constantly. It also comes in several other colours, the difficulty is picking which one!

4- Bonded Short Parka - £65. I saw this in store the other day and loved it straight away, it's a great Summer jacket, especially as I wear my big Winter parka constantly in the cold so thought this could be a great alternative for warmer nights. I like the navy colour with the grey underneath, but I do think it is far too expensive, its should be £45.

5- Dip Dye Oversized Tee - £20. I have already bought this item, but wanted to include it in the wishlist because it's only been mine for less than 24 hours! I really like wearing oversized tees with my AA shiny leggings, it will also look great with denim shorts or jeans. Dip Dye is a big trend and this is quite a casual way of wearing it due to the neutral colours.

6- MILL Toe Cap Slippers - £26. How cute are these shoes! I do love a good black flat shoe and tend to live in patent black loafers, but I like how these are a basic shoe which will go with everything yet have the added detail of the patent toe.

7- Lace Collar Playsuit - £50. This is quite possibly the most beautiful item of clothing I have ever laid eyes on! I saw it in store and it is just amazing! It feels like it's really good quality, and I just love the lace shoulders. It's something I can imagine myself wearing a lot as it's quite a simple item with an extra detail, something I tend to go for a lot. Although it is the best playsuit i've seen, it is quite expensive and I will need to have a think about whether I can justify it!

What do you guys think of these picks, do you have any of them that you can recommend?

In other news yesterday I joined and gym and went for a 45 minute work out, it was quite hard but I really enjoyed it. As some of you know I have hypothyroidism which tends to leave me feeling very tired and lethargic, but i'm hoping that regular gym exercise will help to boost my energy levels and make me feel a bit better.


  1. I LOVE these picks, thanks to you I have been trawling Topshop's website to find them for the past 15 minutes! Haha!

    Maria xxx

    1. Haha, they have so much good stuff don't they! I need to work out what I can justify now! xx

  2. I'm going to have a look in my local store for that ombre t-shirt, I love it!

    1. It's so nice isn't it, i'm so glad I bought it! xx

  3. I love everything on this wishlist, especially the ombre tshirt! :)
    I'm a new follower!

  4. Heeeyyy, thought I'd stop by and take a look at your blog after reading your kind comments on my own! Now following via GFC :)

    Absolutely love that playsuit - I've seen it in store and decided that one day it shall be mine! Haha.

    Keep up the good work with your content, hun!


  5. Love the lace crop, i need it ha.


  6. Yeah im that sort of person who makes wishlists too.Im about to start another one to post tomorrow

    I love that dip dye top,dip dye is fabulous

  7. Ohh I want everything on this list too! My friend bought that pinafore the other day it's soo nice xxx

  8. Thanks for all your comments!! Jealous your friend bought the pinafore Hannah I love it! xxx