#MotelXmas Blogger Party!

Monday night was the Motel Christmas blogger party and as a Motel intern I was lucky enough to be able to go along! I headed down at lunch time on the coach armed with Company Magazine and my favourite sensation thai chilli crisps and made my way towards the venue! It was at a really nice bar in Shoreditch called Floripa, which we decorated with balloons, presents and rails of gorgeous Motel clothes! I spent a lot of time blowing up balloons with a helium canister which ended up being hilarious because me and Hannah the other intern kept accidentally letting them go, so there ended up being 5 or 6 balloons on the ceiling, which I was hoping no one would notice! The doors opened at 6.30 and we only finished decorating at 5.45 so with limited time to get ready I bundled myself into the toilet back-brushed my hair, quickly put on some eyeliner and of course got changed into the gorgeous 'Wild One'. 

The first 50 bloggers through the door were lucky enough to receive a free item and me and Taz were in charge of talking everyone through the new collection and taking their top three choices. It was great to meet bloggers who I have followed personally as well people I have spoken to through Motel and ended up meeting some really great people! Quite a few people gave me their card which has made me realise that having a business card is essential to promoting your blog, lots of people asked me for my blog address and it would have saved a lot of time if I could have given them a card!

As well as the first 50 bloggers receiving an item from the new collection, there was also a whole host of other treats in store. Eylure were giving out free eyelashes, Lee Stafford (yes the actual Lee Stafford) was there curling hair and everyone was given a present when they left! 

I had a good look through the new collection and instantly fell in love with these new Galaxy pants! There like thinner, matte disco pants which is a lot more flattering if your a pear shape like me and I just love the colour! I'm hoping they're going to look nice on because I think the black and wine could be a new Winter staple! 

As for the rest of the night myself, Taz and Lora dominated the photo booth (which was such a good idea!) I could not stop laughing at the pictures and at the end of the night we managed to get all the Motel employees into the booth for one massive picture! 


  1. I am so sad that I couldn't make it to this! Curse me for double booking myself! Looks fab xx

  2. God, it looks so very much fun! I wish I was living somewhere near

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. I loved your hair!!! :) Hair envy all the way! X


  4. Sounds amazing! I can't believe Lee Stafford was there... ohmigosh how lucky are you!
    By the way, can I just say how doesn't love Thai sweet chilli Sensations ;D
    Wow I'm so jealous aha xoxo