1 Month Old

Today is one month since I started the blog! I've enjoyed posting so much and can't believe I’ve only just got into blogging I definitely should have started earlier. I also can't believe how it's grown even over the past 4 weeks I have almost 50 followers and love reading all of your sweet comments. I've found some of your amazing blogs, which I love to read and the only downside is I have managed to spend lots on new clothes because I keep seeing nice stuff on your blogs! 

Yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday so we went to watch 'Crossfire Hurricane' a film about the Rolling Stones and it was unbelievably good. I love every single song and watching footage of them just being themselves was great, after we went out for drinks and ending up going back to a friends flat and dancing to their songs for a good few hours. Mick Jagger is sexy even as an old man seeing him shake his hips is too good and Keith Richards is just the definition of cool, I really enjoyed it and don't think I even realised I loved them that much! Today I am a bit hung over and am just going to spend the evening eating pizza and watching rubbish TV :)

This week I have had a mini spend and wanted to share my new purchases with you guys. Sorry for the photos just being taken on my bedroom floor, I need to find a nice piece of fabric or something to use as a background! First up on Monday I bought this bag from Accessorize after seeing it on Annalises' blog (http://pastelbokeh.blogspot.com) I’m not a huge bag person but I do love a good satchel and just couldn't resist this one with the deer head detail on the fastening! It's a really good size and means I can take it on a night out or use it in the day, I tend to use the same bag for a few weeks then swap over to another one I don't have a day or night bag I just use them all for whatever! It was £32 and you can find it here.

As I mentioned before I have recently got a new job working in the Motel Bristol Store, it's the only store they have so it's exciting to be working there and means I get a good discount on clothes which makes me very very happy! This week I decided to get a few things to update my wardrobe and decided on the Kadie Skirt in blue and the Carla playsuit in black. The skirt is a really unusual colour and I decided to get it because I wear the black one all the time and thought this would look really nice in the Winter just adding a splash of colour, to my usual black winter outfits. I really love the style of skater skirts as they're flattering and just look cute and school like! This colour isn't actually on the website I have only ever seen in the store but it was £20 (without discount) which is a good price and if you live in and around Bristol I would definitely recommend a trip to Park Street to have a look around the shop!  

I wasn't able to take a picture of the playsuit because it is a silky material and doesn't photograph well at all so thought I would just use the picture from the website. I find playsuits quite hard to wear sometimes because I’m quite tall and find they can sometimes be short in the body. This playsuit is very soft but I would recommend getting a size bigger than you usually would because it's tight fitting. I went for a Medium, which was a little tight when I tried it on but I can tell it's going to stretch out a bit when wearing it. Black playsuits are a bit of a staple item, they can be worn casually in the day or dressed up on an evening with lots of gold jewellery so decided this was a justified basic!

Saving the best till last I have finally bought the Laynie!! Big news as I have been lusting after it for ages and decided as I’m going out again for Toms' birthday on Saturday I would wear it then. As it's a baby doll style lots of people have recommended going down a size, I bought the small and I LOVE IT! It's so pretty and flattering and I can imagine myself wearing it a lot throughout the winter. I'll make sure I get some photos on Saturday so I can do an outfit post on it so you guys can see how I’m wearing it. 


  1. Such a great post! :)
    First off thanks for the mention! I am so happy that I made someone buy something after seeing it on my blog :)
    And you work at the Motel store?! WOW I'm jel :) The Laynie dress is too pretty! I have been eyeing it for ages too x

  2. I love your bag, love you blog. Now following :)

    Jo. x

  3. That bag is gorgeous and I love the colour of that skirt, I am a massive fan of skater skirts too, they are just so versatile!

    Maria xxx

  4. I want Laynie soooo badly! Can't wait to see how you style it :)

    The Style Rawr!

  5. LOVE that bag and the Laynie dress, too cute!! Congratulations on your one month blogaversary :)