Roller Coaster

I have been a rubbish blogger this week and not posted since Tuesday have just been so busy with my new job! After working my internship at head office on Wednesday I then worked Thursday- Saturday in the shop and went out for one of my best friends birthdays on Friday (where I wore the Laynie AGAIN just love it so much!) The weather has completely turned, I quite like the cold weather and much prefer winter style clothes to summer, but one thing I can't handle is the rain. It actually makes me a little bit angry and always ruins my hair, such a pathetic thing to moan about!

Today is a fairly lazy day as it's Sunday, last night I stayed in, ordered a curry and watched Spice World with my friend which was lovely and very much needed! As for today i'm just sat in the pub my friends work at with some mulled cider waiting to do the quiz later.

I haven't been able to do any outfit of the day photos this week as I have been so busy but I do have one from a few weeks back when I went on a night out with some friends. To be honest I look a bit weird in the photo, I have a weird shape, and it's not the most exciting of outfits, but I absolutely love the black and gold sequin cape i'm wearing. I bought it around 5 years ago from a vintage shop in Bristol after i'd seen a photograph of Kate Moss wearing a sequin cape at Glastonbury and have loved it ever since. Will promise to do a few outfit posts this week to make up for the lack of them!


  1. your hair is amazing. i always envy everyone with that silver toned hair colour <3

  2. aw thank you! it's quite hard to maintain but i love it!! xx

  3. Congrats on your new job! Great outfit, Spice World is one of my favourites by the way!! xx