Whole Lotta Rosie

**This blog post was from yesterday but didn't send properly**

Today has been a good day much better than yesterday where I had some serious car drama and spent a lot of the day panicking! Tonight I went out for a nice meal for a good friends birthday and am now very full and tired, just sat watching some TV. Rather than doing a post on what I wore I thought I would do a small post on some recent purchases I have made. I graduated this summer and am just working part time and doing my internship so for the first time in a long while I haven't been able to spend on clothes, something I was always able to do before. This makes these purchases even more special because I have to choose wisely at the moment!

First up is my Dana off the shoulder from Motel. Working in the Motel head office means I am constantly surrounded by clothes and am always looking at the website as well as different blogs, so I usually find around 100 things a day I want to buy!! As soon as this top came in though I knew I had to get it, it's a great update of the crop top and means you can dress it down by just teaming it with a high waist skirt and tights or wear it on a night out with jewellery and lipstick etc. I'm not one for really flashing my stomach so I got a larger size, which means it fits but is a bit longer; it also comes in long sleeves or as a dress :)

 Off the shoulder top- Motel 

Second we have the Hilary bodice in navy rose, also from Motel. This was an item I had seen a few times and I just love the print so much! There are a lot of items in this print and they are all so gorgeous but I thought the bodice was really simple and versatile, plus it can be worn with so many items! The only problem with it is the top bit is very loose and I have to pin it to my bra or tape it to me, I think this is a top for the small chest girl because if I'm falling out of it then anyone above a C cup is risking some serious nip slip! It is lovely though and looks great with all black, as it's a subtle and quite autumnal use of floral.

Hillary Bodice- Motel 

Lastly is the pink fluffy jumper from the Lana Del Rey collection at H&M! I have seen this jumper on TV adverts, magazine adverts and on the side of bus stops and fall more in love every time I see it. It makes me feel like a pink lady and is so soft and comfortable, however if you have sensitive skin like me I would recommend wearing a vest top or leotard underneath as it was a bit irritating. The other thing is as this jumper is wool it gets fluff EVERY WHERE! When I first tried it on it was on my jeans, in my hair, my mouth and all over my room, so it might be a good idea to hand wash it before wearing to prevent it covering everything and everyone in your life in pink fluff! It is so lovely I can't stop gushing about it, and looks great simply with jeans and loafers, plus because its such a soft colour it goes with a lot of basics like grey, black and navy.

 Pink Jumper- H&M


  1. aw this is so gorgeous!

    please check out my blog?:-)


  2. just checked your blog from the email you sent me at motels :)

    please check out mine and see what you think if i can blog about motel maybe send some samples etc.



  3. OMG! I love Hillary Bodice so much! fab choice.

    I think I wouldn't be able to work in Motel.. you know, too many cool clothes around. I'd work for clothes and would have to skip eating... how are you holding? (just kidding but still)

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