Wish List!

Today I was going to do an outfit post, but to be honest it's so wet and wintery I have just chucked on some leggings, huge socks and a big jumper and have settled for a skirt wish list! I sometimes think I am borderline obsessive when it comes to clothes, it's almost like having a new item makes me really happy and i'm always on the look out for a new update to my wardrobe. I'm so sad I have to keep a list of things that I want to buy, because if I don't it would be a free for all and every time I went past a shop I would get something! Dedication to the list is the best option for my bank balance and probably my bursting wardrobe!

First up on my current skirt list has to be these! I definitely buy more top items like jumpers, tops and dresses and have limited bottom items so always end up wearing either my black jeans, black skater skirt or grey skater skirt, plus I love the style of the skater skirt and having them in more colours or prints would definitely solve a few outfit dilemmas! I really like all the American Apparel circle skirts but am always hesitant to shop in there because it's so expensive and a friend suggested River Island. I'm so glad she did because they have loads of gorgeous skirts in there at the moment and I really like these two. Burgundy is a great winter colour and goes with a lot of other colours and leopard print is a great print to add a touch of colour to an all black outfit. Plus they are only £16 and £18 so a bargain in my eyes!

Keeping on the skirt topic has anyone seen the online shop run by Lucy from Champagne Diamond? I think she's currently updating it so there aren't many items on there but there is one beauty that I need in my wardrobe ASAP! The cat print skirt! It's so cute I love it and love it even more after seeing Olivia from What Olivia Did wearing it on a recent post! It's such a statement item and so unusual, I can't wait to wear it with my off the shoulder black crop or wear my black collared jumper like Olivia! 


Last but not least is the Kadie Cross Beads from Motel Rocks which I have featured before but do really like. I think the cross collection from Motel is great because it's quite subtle, and allows you to try out the trend without covering yourself in crosses and making people ask what kind of statement that is! I also like it because it's black and I wear my plain black Kadie all the time so think I could create a lot of outfits out of this one item. 


  1. indeed all of those skirts are fab!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. I laughed when reading your first paragraph because I'm exactly the same!!

  3. I love the kitty skirt! And wow Olivia's hair - I'm going to have to check out her blog aha!
    I'm a new follower xoxo