Up The Junction

These are my new shoes that arrived today from Boohoo. I'm so pleased with them, they looked good on the website but you know when you get shoes sometimes and they're really plastic and stiff? Well these are soft and comfy, and I can tell i'll be able to start wearing them straight away! I'm a bit nervous because they're cream and I know i'll get them dirty straight away, but it's nice to have a change from my standard all black shoes! They were only £10 in the sale and Boohoo kindly gave me a 20% discount voucher so even better! I think loafer style shoes are my favourite type of shoes, they have definitely seen a huge resurgence in recent years because of Alexa Chung, but they are a classic and look great with jeans or tights. They come in so may different styles and colours but I think I will always have a place in my heart for the patent black classics!

Today is a misty, dull day and I am having my standard Monday/Tuesday wearing a big jumper and leggings, whilst baking, dying clothes and looking at blogs! To get us all through these grey days here are some nice inspirational pictures of people wearing loafers and generally looking great!

Florence Welch/Alexa Chung/Kate Moss/Olivia Palmero/Aggy Deyn/Ashley Olsen

All Images From Google.

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  1. I love loafers and these are fab, I need to find some more though as my Office ones have almost completely died :(

    Maria xxx