Favourite Jumper

Jumper - New Look
Shirt - Zara
Skirt - Topshop
Creepers - eBay
Bag - Accessorize 

This is my favourite outfit from last week, I am completely in love with this jumper! I love the colour and it's so comfortable! In Winter I can't get enough of bottle green, burgundy and navy and just keep buying clothes in those three colours! I have bought a few things lately so I will post a mini haul on what i've been buying! These pictures were taken by Lucia from Style Confessional who some of you will know as the latest Motel intern! It's so much harder to blog in the Winter because by the time you get home from work it's dark and days off are usually spent in pjs! So we decided that on Fridays along with Selina we will take some outfit posts in and around the centre of Bristol. 

I've tried to invite all of the South West bloggers to a discount event i'm holding at the store this week! I'm really looking forward to it because it's the first event we've done; there will be 30% off everything as well as some special items i've ordered in just for the night, along with presents, cupcakes and the chance to have some nail art done! Let's hope it's a success - i'm getting a bit scared now! 

Today is so Christmassy! I bought my first Christmas present yesterday (yes I know it's getting late!) I won't say what it is because my friend Abbie will probably read this but it's a good one! I am so festive this year, in fact it's probably getting on peoples nerves but if you live in Bristol come into the shop and see my decorations and listen to the Christmas songs - it is just not getting boring! 


  1. I love your shirt it's so cute w/your jumper and your hair looks AMAZING!! Good luck with your first event, I wish I was still living in Bristol so I could come :)

    Frankie XX


  2. i've got this jumper in bottle green and i absolutely love it! you have to pry it off me.
    lovely blog xx


  3. Oh don't tell me they do it in bottle green?? That is a must have! I wear this one all the time! I followed your blog too i love it! x

  4. Frankie don't worry we have quite a few events planned over the next few months so when your back in Bristol hopefully you can come to one of them! xx

  5. I need this jumper in my life! Looks so cute over your skirt,

    Rosie x

  6. Thank you for your comment over on my blog - I love your style! It's similar to mine :P

    Following you now, love love love your blog!


  7. It's like Queen Square, squared! I've been wearing my burgundy skater skirt a lot, it just seems like the right thing to wear most of the time at the moment.

  8. Great jumper that will go with loads!
    I'm writing a post about my favourite jumper too, I'll be publishing soon but I'm bogged down with deadlines :/
    You're as bad as me with Christmas presents, I bought hardly any so far! Lovely post :)

  9. LOVE this jumper, such a perfect colour for winter!

    Maria xxx

  10. I agree with everyone above!! Love the jumper & you've paired it up so nicely with the shirt. Now following you :) Please check out my blog...


    Ploy <3 x

  11. I started writing a comment and basically just ended up with "I like this, I like that" haha but I love it all. Cutest shirt ever and your bag is so lovely. x

  12. Aw thanks for all your lovely comments after Hollys comment i've just bought the green version so i'll use it in an outfit post soon! xx

  13. LOVE this outfit! The shirt is perfection! Loving the jumper & the creepers too =)

    Thanks for your comment! Don't forget to enter my Giveaway =)