New Look Christmas Blogger Competition

Whilst looking at blogs recently i've found a lot of people posting about a competition that New Look is running for bloggers! You need to design a Christmas Party Outfit for your body type and could win £100 worth of New Look vouchers!

My body type is the classic pear, basically no boobs and big hips! I think it might be the most common body shape but I can't imagine it's the most coveted! It's easy to dress because you can wear most things on the top but generally looks best to wear an a line shape on the bottom, although it doesn't stop me wearing leggings or jeans! I decided to go for this gold dress which I thought looked quite 'Kate Moss' and styled it with some opaque tights, wedges boots and a fedora hat. I'm not a very 'glam' person so this is a dressed up as I could probably be! I do like it though and it's now making me want to buy the dress!

If you fancy having a go at creating an outfit click here and make sure you check out New Looks guide to body shapes here :)

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  1. This is an amazing outfit. Good luck! :)

    Ploy <3 xx