Blogger Of The Month: Lucy Jarvis!

It's once again time for my blogger of the month, albeit it a bit late and this month i've chosen Lucy from Fine and Bambi (used to be Champagne Diamond). Lucy is another person I met through Motel and was one of the other bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog. I fell in love with her blog because she shares my love of cats and immediately I wanted to get my hands on one of the cat print skirts from her own big cartel shop! I also loved her grungy style and liked the way she wore Fred Perry polos tucked into girlie skater skirts, dungarees and the way her tattoos toughen up her pretty dresses.

Lucy seems like someone who doesn't follow trends, she knows what she likes and has a massive obsession with Topshop, something else we have in common! Her style is really relaxed and I like how she always posts pictures of her beautiful cat Lana on her blog and instagram. I have ended up buying a few things after seeing them on Lucys' blog, my favourite of which is the Topshop black pinafore, something I fell in love with as soon as I saw her wearing it, and love seeing how Lucy styles it.

Apart from having awesome style Lucy is a really nice girl who i've spoken to through social networking, and she looks SO much like Alexa Chung it is ridiculous!

Let me know if you also love Lucys' blog or if this is a new one for you, I love how this blogger of the month introduces bloggers to new bloggers!

lovely little lana


  1. i totally agree, she is amazing!!! i'm absolutely in love with her style and she kinda looks like alexa chung :D

  2. Ah I love Lucy's blog, one of my favies! :-) xx

  3. I love Lucy's blog, and little Lana :)

  4. Love her blog!! Fave blog!! And Lana is adorbs :) x

  5. This is so lovely! Thank you :)!
    You're one of my favs too, loved reading this, gave me a little confidence boost :)


  6. Great call! Love her blog, and yours, and also cats :) xxx

  7. Hi ! I super loved all of your post! Its so nice to look at. :))
    would you like to visit my blog and FOLLOW ME? and ill go follow back too! :))


    thankyou so much Godbless! xx :D