Blogger Of The Month: Lucia

I can't quite believe it's time for blogger of the month again! These months are going far too fast and i'm a little bit scared that it's already May 2013, in my head I still think it's 2008 (and probably always will be!)

This month i've gone for a slightly different style of blogger, this is Lucia and she writes a blog called 'Who The Fuck Is Mick Jagger'. I'm not ashamed to admit I discovered her through googling pictures of  young Mick Jagger, to basically perv on! Her blog is a mix of outfit posts, music and just imagery that she loves, and whilst she doesn't post very regularly she gives off this really laid back, quite rock n roll (that sounds cringe but it's true) vibe which really interests me.

I don't know if i've said before on my blog but I really love this style which I like to call '70's groupie' people like Anita Pallenberg, Stevie Nicks and more recently Lou Doillon. Women who layer clothes, wear floppy hats and look as though they've spent all day in bed before waking up and throwing anything they could find on. I like a good kimono, floaty sleeve and floppy hat and Lucia makes it all work by throwing 60's and 70's inspired looks together and it just works. I wish there were more photographs I could show you guys of Lucia but these were the most recent outfit posts on her blog and almost leave us desperate for more!

The other interesting thing about her blog is she is honest and real which I really appreciate, she writes posts about how annoyed she is she couldn't get Rolling Stones tickets or how she just wants to lie around drinking cocktails in the summer. She seems like the kind of girl who you could go away with and basically have the time of your life. Does anyone else already follow Lucias blog? If she interests you there is a link at the top of her blog to her tumblr, instagram and twitter :)


  1. her style looks amazing! great blog, thanks for introducing <3

  2. I'm glad I saw this post as it's introduced me to her blog and I really do love it! My giveaway is ending soon so if you are interested then take a look on my blog x

  3. Oh, what a great looking blog - I love a good floppy hat!