Guide to Bristol Shopping

Welcome to my little guide of Bristol shopping!

As someone who loves to travel and shop I decided it might be helpful to make a guide to Bristol shopping for anyone wanting to visit! I've focused on all the little independent areas you might miss if you're just visiting, because it's easy to find Topshop and Urban Outfitters but us bloggers like to have a wander and try and find some treasure! Lots of these areas have plenty of charity shops, nestled amongst the boutiques as well as lots of sights and restaurants to make the most of your time here!

I hope you like it and if anyone uses it please let me know :) Also if anyone has any suggestions of places to add send me an email because i'd like to keep it updated!

Park Street/Queens Road
Just off the Centre, head towards College Green, this place is one big hill so prepare yourself for a walk!

Boot Room
This shop has been there quite a while and what originally started as a footwear shop has now expanded into an accessory and home shop. Quirk and independent this shop is full to the brim of cute shoes, and pretty little home accessories. 

Slightly more expensive than the other shops on this road, Cara is a clothing and accessory shop that is aimed at a slightly older customer. 

This is undoubtedly one of my favourite shops in Bristol, BS8 has a great ethos where the shop is divided into sections and each section is home to a different company. Lots of great brands have started here and one of the best is Sobeys Vintage Store. Sobeys sells great vintage and POP clothing for men and women at a great price; think denim shorts, 60s dresses and Harrington jackets. Motel Rocks now has a small space in BS8 too so keep an eye out for that one :) 

Uncle Sams
One of the oldest shops on Park Street, Uncle Sams has been there for as long as I can remember and is possibly the best vintage shop in the city. The style is American Vintage for both men and women, and this shop is full of denim shorts, silk shirt, sheepskin coats and retro jewellery. Not very expensive and 100% worth a visit. Although keep in mind, it's closed Sundays and bank holidays!

Clothing Federation
An alternative fashion shop, think lots of chunky jewellery, (gold, silver, coloured) dolly dresses, t shirts and an in house piercist on some days!

71 Queens
A fairly new vintage shop this one is just up the road from Park Street on Queens Road. I haven't been in here very much but it seems like it had a good selection of mens and womens but I do think it is fairly pricey for a vintage shop. 

Rise Records
Originally a record store Rise has now expanded to an in house coffee house and vintage clothing store. It has a bit of an Urban Outfitters feel where everything is quite mixed in together and the clothing is actually supplied by Sobeys from BS8. 

Also on this road is a selection of well known shops, which you guys will all know:
  • Levis
  • Whistles
  • Jigsaw
  • The Kooples
  • Cath Kidston
  • Karen Millen
  • Yumi

Stokes Croft/Gloucester Road
Easy to get to from Cabot Circus, head to the back of Debenhams and then under the Bear Pit! It begins as Cheltenham Road and then goes into Gloucester Road.

Probably more well known for bars and club nights this area does have a good little niche of clothing stores and also has ALOT of charity shops, so make sure you pay them a visit if you're in the area, because you never know what you might find!

Dutty Girl
Dutty Girl is the brainchild of two friends of mine who both have their own clothing companies and have created a space which is a great mix of streetwear and vintage. Upstairs is branded, lots of printed leggings, graphic t shirts and hoodies, downstairs is an absolute vintage treasure trove, literally bursting with bags, jumpers, scarves, everything you could imagine! I have found some absolute beauties in here and I would definitely recommend a look upstairs if you like chunky jewellery!

Cox & Baloney
What started as a little market stall for these ladies has now blossomed into a beautiful shop which comprises of a vintage shop on one half and a tea shop on the other. Lunch and afternoon tea is served daily and whilst i've never been it's definitely one my to-do list!

Fox & Feather
Relatively new to Bristol, Fox & Feather is in a word beautiful! Stocking unique and independent brands, this shop is merchandised in a way that you instantly feel at home and want to buy everything! If you want to know more about this shop then Claire from Jazzpad wrote a great blog post on it recently which you should check out.

Like Uncle Sams I can always remember this one being here, it's quite a way up the road from the other two but worth a visit. The ground floor is a good mix of retro & vintage, lots of shirts, denim and boots! Upstairs also houses some incredible vintage furniture and house hold accessories and the basement is a vinyl shop. I really like it downstairs it feels your going back in time and my boyfriend has always found some good records down there. 

St Nicks- Just off Corn Street
An old and beautiful part of the city St Nicks' is a market which is open daily and is home to several traders who have stalls inside the market hall and mini shops in the outdoor area. A huge mix of traders you can find anything from great food, to jewellery to super hot sauce! Have a wander round, definitely try some of the Moroccan food and just lose yourself! On Saturdays there is a market out on Corn Street where clothing traders, set up just for the day!

Urban Fox- Corn Street
Next door to St Nicks', Urban Fox is a newish vintage shop which (I think) is run by the same people as Resphyco! Fairly well priced, the shop sells Levi shorts & jeans, silk shirts, dresses and coats amongst other things!

The Birdcage- Corn Street
Less than a year old The Birdcage is a really lovely venue which is a coffee and vintage clothing shop by day and music venue by night. I've seen a few good gigs here had a really lovely dark hot chocolate which is worth the visit. The clothes are quite expensive but good quality and it's just a really nice venue, which I would recommend to anyone visiting for the day. 

Gimme Shelter - Nelson Street
My obvious favourite as I do a lot of work for them but Gimme Shelter is a shop inside The Lanes, on Nelson Street. The Lanes is a retro bowling and music venue, but tucked just inside the entrance is the little vintage shop which houses dresses from 50's through to the 80's along with more desired vintage like denim shorts, dungarees and loafers. Jamie and John whose shop this is also run a club night here every Saturday called 'Department S'.

Whiteladies Road
Keep walking up the right hand side of Queens Road, past the RWA and you will find Whiteladies Road; it's a more expensive part of town but expect plenty of bars and restaurants!

House of Eve
I used to work in House of Eve so maybe i'm slightly biased but I love this shop! The front is filled with independent designer collections like Numph and Laundry Room, lots of pretty dresses all reasonably priced! The back room is a vintage dressing room with plenty of shoes, dresses and shirts, it is so well priced i've bought lots of vintage dresses for £20 and shirts for £15!

Naff Clothing
Just off Whiteladies Road, on Cotham Hill, Naff Clothing has some great vintage dresses and accessories from 1950s- 1980s as well as lots of fancy dress costumes, face paint and wigs. Definitely somewhere to visit before heading to a festival! 

Clifton Village
If you're visiting Bristol for the first time Clifton is somewhere you should definitely pop on your to do list. The famous Suspension Bridge is a short walk from the Village and there's a great selection of restaurants, bars and hotels. I don't tend to venture up this way very often as the boutiques up here are quite pricey but a visit to the arcade is a must! I've just listed the clothes and jewellery shops in the arcade which I think might appeal to you guys but honestly there are so many shops in Clifton, whatever your style i'm sure you will find something :)

Bees and Graves
Probably one of the best jewellery shops in Bristol, this place is filled to the brim with vintage jewellery, a lot of it is very expensive but they also have quite a few cheaper sweet little things that make great gifts or just a treat for yourself!

Jemima Rose
Quite small this shop, is filled with vintage clothing and accessories, I haven't bought anything from this shop before but a lot of the items are beautiful and would be amazing for parties!

Clifton Vintage Boutique
Lots and lots of vintage clothes and accessories, this shop has a great collection of bags and gets new stock almost weekly I think as every time I go, they have a whole host of new things!

High Line Sky Line

This is a little post of an outfit I wore to work today, i'm quite lucky that I work in an office where there isn't a dress code, I don't think I would enjoy having to buy 'office wear' and I feel a lot more relaxed being able to wear my own clothes!

The outfit consists of the boyfriend ASOS t shirt that I have in 4 different colours, a primark black midi skirt and my beautiful office shoes! My leather jacket was a eBay find and I have pinned a few little badges on it to jazz it up too!

This week I have been VERY excited about Glastonbury; me and some friends have been talking about it non stop and i'm really excited to start planning what i'm going to wear and buy some fun bits and pieces to take with me! I'm a fairly organised person so hopefully I will plan it well enough not to stress out too much when it comes to packing and condensing everything into my tiny bag!

Last night I went to the Eat Drink Bristol Fashion, a mini food festival happening at the moment in Bristol, and if anyone is from the South West I would definitely recommend a visit. Tapas is served throughout the day and night and no booking is necessary, which is nice if you fancy a spontaneous trip! Housed inside a structured tipi, the pop up restaurant is covered in fairy lights and has a lovely festival feel and some gorgeous food. I had Spanish tortilla, grilled asparagus with lemon & garlic mayonnaise and chips and curry sauce, accompanied by a classic pint of Thatchers Gold!

Has anyone else been to the tipis yet, i'd love to hear what you thought about it, and also if anyone is going to Glastonbury, please comment and share my excitement!!

Typing Typist

I'm really not very fond of this picture, I look so scared and wooden! I really need to work out a way to look a bit happier in my blog photos! This is an outfit I wore to work last week, I took the picture before work which actually may explain why I look strange, as i'm tired! This is a cute little vintage shirt I got from a vintage fair a few weeks ago, and i've teamed it with my favourite Urban Outfitters belt and a plain black skater skirt...I look like a 60's receptionist! 

My job is going really well, and thanks to all of you who have signed up to the blogger program, i'm excited to be working with you all! It's quite hard to get used to getting up at 7.30am everyday but apart from that it's really good and i'm learning a lot!

Today I had a massage which was amazing! It was a proper holistic massage because my back has been really bad since starting my new job but I feel so much better since having that! Afterwards I went to a jumble sale with a friend and am just getting ready to go out tonight so apologies for this short post! 

Hope everyones having a great weekend, and enjoy this song 

The Blogger Program

What the hell is going on with the weather?! I got really excited last weekend when we had a bit of sun and started to get my summer clothes out, but now the sun has gone and my hair is being blown around in the wind and i'm cold! Now the best way to cheer myself up is to do a wishlist! I have fallen hard for the Motel Daisy dress, it's a great twist on the simple LBD and I can imagine myself wearing it with loafers in the day or heeled chelsea boots and tights on a night out! The ASOS dress is so so lovely, it's not really something I would usually go for and annoyingly it's petite but I thought if I get a larger size it will be a bit longer!

The most important thing happening with me at the moment is my new job! I started last Tuesday and am really enjoying it. I'm working for a social media company who specialise in fashion and beauty clients, which is exactly what I wanted to do. I've been given 15 accounts and am responsible for updating and creating content for them daily, as well as monitoring their statistics. Sounds very fancy but honestly it's not! As part of my job i've been asked to help launch 'The Blogger Program' and have been trying to contact everyone I know who blogs to ask them to get involved and of course would love all of you to get involved too. The program is a way to link our clients with bloggers and enable them to be able to look through our database and find relevant bloggers who they can then gift. In return the blogger will provide the company with images they can use to promote the item! It's really simple and of course free and means you can get some freebies which everybody loves!

I'd love for you to all check it out and sign up here and of course let me know in the comments if you have :)

Blogger Of The Month: Lucia

I can't quite believe it's time for blogger of the month again! These months are going far too fast and i'm a little bit scared that it's already May 2013, in my head I still think it's 2008 (and probably always will be!)

This month i've gone for a slightly different style of blogger, this is Lucia and she writes a blog called 'Who The Fuck Is Mick Jagger'. I'm not ashamed to admit I discovered her through googling pictures of  young Mick Jagger, to basically perv on! Her blog is a mix of outfit posts, music and just imagery that she loves, and whilst she doesn't post very regularly she gives off this really laid back, quite rock n roll (that sounds cringe but it's true) vibe which really interests me.

I don't know if i've said before on my blog but I really love this style which I like to call '70's groupie' people like Anita Pallenberg, Stevie Nicks and more recently Lou Doillon. Women who layer clothes, wear floppy hats and look as though they've spent all day in bed before waking up and throwing anything they could find on. I like a good kimono, floaty sleeve and floppy hat and Lucia makes it all work by throwing 60's and 70's inspired looks together and it just works. I wish there were more photographs I could show you guys of Lucia but these were the most recent outfit posts on her blog and almost leave us desperate for more!

The other interesting thing about her blog is she is honest and real which I really appreciate, she writes posts about how annoyed she is she couldn't get Rolling Stones tickets or how she just wants to lie around drinking cocktails in the summer. She seems like the kind of girl who you could go away with and basically have the time of your life. Does anyone else already follow Lucias blog? If she interests you there is a link at the top of her blog to her tumblr, instagram and twitter :)