Blogger Love: Elizabeth Lola

Back when I first started blogging I used to do a little feature called blogger of the month. I've always been a huge blog follower and it was a good way for me to show other bloggers I liked their style and to hopefully introduce my followers to new blogs, you know share the blogger love! I fell out of love with  blogging for a while so blogger of the month took a back seat but recently i've been finding so many girls with amazing style I thought it was about time I brought the feature back and gave a shout out to some of my favourites. 

I found Beth on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her 70s bohemian style, she has some gorgeous printed dresses and way too many beautiful necklaces to mention. I love the way all of her outfits are completed by overloading on accessories and the way she clashes prints and textures, Beth if you're reading I salute you! 

You can find Beths instagram here or follow her blog here :) 

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