Velvet Crush

Oh my god it is so cold! I can't believe the temperature drop recently, I am wrapping up in tights, socks, scarves and gloves and i'm still freezing! Last night I had the ultimate Winter night in; cooking some tasty hot food and then lying on my sofa watching the Christmas channel for 4 hours- oh yes there is a Christmas channel and it's the best!

Today i'm working and am waiting for a Missguided delivery which I am very excited about! My favourite thing about Winter (apart from Christmas) is the shopping, I prefer Winter clothes to Summer, they're just so much better; the colours, the styles and the fabric, and my favourite Winter fabric has got to be velvet. I seem to end up buying velvet clothes every year but this year Missguided has so many winners! I went onto their website looking for a velvet skirt and found this gorgeous green which also comes in a burgundy. On an absolute velvet mission, I found the cute burgundy crop and the navy long sleeved dress, both items I can imagine wearing a lot! Navy, burgundy and bottle green are my favourite Winter colours so yesterday I purchased the skirt and dress and can't wait for them to arrive!

New Look Christmas Blogger Competition

Whilst looking at blogs recently i've found a lot of people posting about a competition that New Look is running for bloggers! You need to design a Christmas Party Outfit for your body type and could win £100 worth of New Look vouchers!

My body type is the classic pear, basically no boobs and big hips! I think it might be the most common body shape but I can't imagine it's the most coveted! It's easy to dress because you can wear most things on the top but generally looks best to wear an a line shape on the bottom, although it doesn't stop me wearing leggings or jeans! I decided to go for this gold dress which I thought looked quite 'Kate Moss' and styled it with some opaque tights, wedges boots and a fedora hat. I'm not a very 'glam' person so this is a dressed up as I could probably be! I do like it though and it's now making me want to buy the dress!

If you fancy having a go at creating an outfit click here and make sure you check out New Looks guide to body shapes here :)

Favourite Jumper

Jumper - New Look
Shirt - Zara
Skirt - Topshop
Creepers - eBay
Bag - Accessorize 

This is my favourite outfit from last week, I am completely in love with this jumper! I love the colour and it's so comfortable! In Winter I can't get enough of bottle green, burgundy and navy and just keep buying clothes in those three colours! I have bought a few things lately so I will post a mini haul on what i've been buying! These pictures were taken by Lucia from Style Confessional who some of you will know as the latest Motel intern! It's so much harder to blog in the Winter because by the time you get home from work it's dark and days off are usually spent in pjs! So we decided that on Fridays along with Selina we will take some outfit posts in and around the centre of Bristol. 

I've tried to invite all of the South West bloggers to a discount event i'm holding at the store this week! I'm really looking forward to it because it's the first event we've done; there will be 30% off everything as well as some special items i've ordered in just for the night, along with presents, cupcakes and the chance to have some nail art done! Let's hope it's a success - i'm getting a bit scared now! 

Today is so Christmassy! I bought my first Christmas present yesterday (yes I know it's getting late!) I won't say what it is because my friend Abbie will probably read this but it's a good one! I am so festive this year, in fact it's probably getting on peoples nerves but if you live in Bristol come into the shop and see my decorations and listen to the Christmas songs - it is just not getting boring! 

My First Beauty Post!

I can't believe I haven't written a blog post for over a week, I was starting to feel guilty but i've just been so busy especially with my new job! I'm so used to having lots of days off and just being able to do bits here and there but having an (almost) full time job seems to be throwing my outside of work things off a bit! But here I am, i'm still here and tonight i'm gonna do a beauty post which i've never done before!

I'm not a huge beauty person to be honest, I know what I like and don't tend to try anything different or splurge lots of money on expensive and cult beauty products, I much prefer to spend my money on clothes! However I do unfortunately suffer with quite bad skin and have been looking for years for a product that will help. I have tried everything whether it's cheap yet natural products like Simple or more expensive French brands like Clinique and Clarins, nothing seemed to help! Until a year ago I was introduced to a Swiss based company called Arbonne by a friend from Uni. The products were described as pure, safe and beneficial and I gave them a go because Swiss products were something I always see in Harvey Nichols and think i'll never be able to afford!

I decided to try the anti ageing range and borrowed the smoothing facial cleanser, restorative day creme and the night repair creme as samples. To be honest they didn't really have much of an effect on me straight away, i'm always hoping for a miracle and for my skin to clear up over night, but I did however notice that my skin felt a lot smoother. I bought the products anyway, they were expensive but I signed up to be a client which gave me a hefty discount and I am blown away by the results. My skin used to be very red, scarred and covered with blemishes, and after 6 months of using the products daily I can say it is pretty much clear. I have been able to go out without foundation and concealer, something I never thought I would be able to do and when I wake up in the morning my skin is a balanced colour, gone are the red and dry patches I used to suffer with.

I just wish I had a before and after picture so you could see how good my results were! If you fancy checking out the range for yourself their website is here and if you use it please let me know i'd love to hear how your skin has reacted!