Blogger of the Month: Sara Waiste

Recently i've been dedicating a lot more time to blogging and as a result have found loads of great blogs, and I knew I was going to pick this one straight away as my blogger of the month so here she is...Sara Waiste!

Sara is a UK blogger who blogs at WAISTE and as well as being the most amazing charity shopper i've ever seen, she also runs her own clothing line; a label focused on customised clothing which you can find here.

Her clothes are a mix of vintage, charity shop finds, high street and higher end high street brands such as MinkPink and Evil Twin. Mixing layers, prints and colours, there isn't a boring or safe outfit on her blog, and I love the way she always adds more accessories or layers than most people would; reminding me of one of my own style icons Anita Pallenberg.

A mix of 70's bohemian with 90's grunge I love all of her jewellery and she has made me fall more in love with the kimono than before! Rarely seen in trousers, I like the way Sara doesn't stick to one length and wears mini, midi and maxi dresses all teamed with a floaty cover up or fringed jacket, she is definitely the person you would want to share a tent with at a festival so you can borrow her clothes! In true bohemian style Sara doesn't seem to dress by any fashion rules and I think thats one of my favourite things about her, she doesn't look like anybody else and isn't afraid to experiment with mixing print or layering.


  1. Love all of Sarah's diverse looks!

  2. She's one of my favorites too! I love her style!

  3. Ah this is so awesome thank you so much, you are too kind! You're right about the trousers, I only have about 3 pairs, although saying that I'm just about to post a trouser outfit! Haha. I love how I've now discovered your blog too, you have amazing style lovely! xx

  4. I love love love Sara's fashion! Her style kills it every single time! I don't know how she does it. Plus she is super nice too!