Cherry Lips

Dress - Glamorous
Necklace - Primark and Silver Scene (Bristol) 
Cuff - Vintage
Shoes - Fashion Union

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that the other day I got a bit overexcited about this cut out skater dress from Glamorous. I saw it online and couldn't even sleep thinking about it selling out, so I got up at midnight and bought it (yes I know how crazy that makes me sound!) It took 2 days to be delivered (free delivery) and I received a text to let me know exactly what time it would be delivered, such a good service which made the whole transaction really smooth. As soon as it arrived yesterday I had to put it on, I teamed it with my amber necklace and an old primark favourite, plus this gorgeous vintage stone cuff my boyfriend surprised me with for my birthday. 


  1. Lovely dress I can see why you were excited! I love all the jewellery I'm jewellery obsessed !! X

  2. So jealous of your cuff! Gorgeous detailing! <3 x

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous lovely!
    I will forever be jealous of your hair!
    Laura xx

  4. Love cut out dresses like this! All your jewellery is absolutely amazing I am jealous. Looking lovely as ever xxx

  5. nice, nice outfit!! and the rings are awesome :) x

  6. Dress twins! Looks amazing on you! xx

  7. Such a cute dress :)
    Love your hair :3