Bleach London Rose

**Please note my camera is broken so these photos have been taken from the Bleach website and on my iPhone, so apologies for the poor quality**

I was obsessing over the Bleach London range for ages before it came out and then when it did I really struggled on which colour I should choose for my locks. The silver shampoo was an obvious purchase but I couldn't decide between Rose, Sea Punk or Bruised Violet, in the end I went for Rose and could not be happier.

Firstly the range is a very good price, i'm used to buying Crazy Colours in a salon for £6-£8 and know that as a salon Bleach is on the expensive side so discovering that all of their dyes are £5 was a pleasant surprise, they were also part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer...even better! My hair is pretty much the perfect base for using a colour like this, it is heavily bleached and toned to a silver colour most of the time so it's like a blank canvas, however last time I used a Crazy Colour Lilac it came out quite patchy which was a huge disappointment, and I was nervous about this happening again.

First you need to wash your hair, I would recommend with a fairly neutral shampoo (not a colour specific shampoo) and towel dry it. You will need to get some plastic gloves as they are not provided and turning your palms a nice shade of blue or orange is not a good look! I always section my hair and start at the bottom as this part of my hair is slightly darker and this gives it a little more development time, and gives a more even tone

The bottle gives 15 minutes as the recommended development time but I left it on for a bit longer, more like 25 as I really wanted a good strong colour. I washed it out and used a colour protect shampoo and conditioner to keep the colour bright and dried and styled as usual. As you can see it has come out really well, and a gorgeous candy floss colour which is exactly what I wanted,  the only problem I had was when I washed it with a non colour protect shampoo the colour completely faded. Luckily I still had some left so I re-did it, I would 100% recommend using a colour protect shampoo as I have washed it again since and it has been fine. Has anybody else used Bleach yet? I'd love to see how some of the other colours come out.


  1. perfect pink ! Looks so nice on you :)

  2. I love the hair! Such a good shade,


  3. Aww your hair looks so lovely! :)
    I'm going blonde at Christmas and I can't wait to add colours on top of it!

  4. Thanks guys i'm really happy with it, and Danielle you definitely should go blonde, it's so much more fun to be able to have different colours each week haha! xx

  5. Your pink hair looks mint Sophie, always so jealous of your locks! x

  6. I wanttt pink hair soo bad but my hair is too dark :( Looks so good on you! <3