Blogger Of The Month: Sara Luxe

Can't believe it's time for blogger of the month again, this year has gone so fast it's crazy how much quicker time goes the older you get! This months blogger of the month is....Sara Luxe! To be honest i'm surprised I haven't picked Sara before, I first found her blog when I was interning at Motel Rocks and sent her a sample, she was a real pleasure to speak to and i've followed her blog since and always have it on my favourites bar.

Sara works as a stylist for Missguided which sounds like a really great job, her Instagram is always full of pictures from busy days at work and I have found myself heading towards Missguided more because of her influence. Style wise, she layers and mixes texture and lengths creating quite a bohemian 90s grungy look, never complete without plenty of necklaces and rings. One of the things I really like about Saras' style is how she wear items in a way that wouldn't occur to most, her layering really is flawless and she looks extremely well styled in every post.

Sara wears a lot of high street pieces and due to her job often has a Missguided item nestled in as part of her look, I really appreciate that because there is nothing worse than loving the dress your favourite blogger is wearing and finding out it's way too out of your price range. What do you guys think of Saras' look? Is she already one of your favourites too and if she isn't you can find her blog here.

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  1. Wow her style is flawless, I'm so going to check her out!