Roll Over Beethoven

I really wanted to do an outfit post today and had some really nice things to show you guys, but annoyingly I can't find the charger for my camera! So instead i'm going to do a little post on my two favourite eras/styles! I've gone for 60's mods and 90's grunge, which I definitely feel like I float between most of the time. I love collars, A line skirts, monochrome and beehives but I am also a bit lazy and feel like a grungy style comes quite naturally! I love my Parka, big baggy jumpers and DM's, sometimes it's nice to be super comfortable as well!

Unfortunately this is also a very negative post which I don't really like doing, this week has basically been shit, for want of a better word. My beloved Motel shop in Bristol has closed down and i've been made redundant :( On Wednesday two members of head office came in and said they had decided to close immediately, which not only was a massive shock but also pretty upsetting. I have absolutely loved working there and am just gutted because of all the time and effort i've put into building the shop back up. I hate the thought of finding another job because that one was so perfect for me, and i'm a little bit scared of getting desperate and going into a job I don't like or don't care about. So it has been a rubbish few days, there have been lots of tears, but i'm trying to stay positive and remind myself that something good will come a long and 'everything happens for a reason' (can't wait to find out what the reason is behind this one!!).  The other sad thing is i'm not a part of Motel anymore which I feel really gutted about, i've met loads of really lovely people during my time there and it's because of Selina I decided to start this blog! It's weird because I always left jobs because I didn't like them anymore or was offered a better opportunity, i've never been made redundant is horrible! It has however been a good experience and i'm so happy that Motel gave me the opportunity to be the store manager, and I know it will be good to have on my CV!

If anyone has any suggestions of anywhere I can apply or information on any fashion companies in Bristol or the surrounding areas then head them my way! At least this means I have lots of free time to do some blog posts now!  


  1. :( Sorry about Motel shutting down, it makes me sad too as that shop was cool! and drapers are both good for finding fashion-y jobs x

  2. Ah I'm sorry to hear about the store closing. You're right though, everything happens for a reason: try to see it as an opportunity to step up.

  3. Oh I'm sorry to hear about the Motel store :( I'm going to visit Bristol soon and was excited to visit the shop! I really love your inspiration posts, my favourite kind of style! xxx