Making Pizza

This week has been a good one, i've been feeling really positive and even had a job interview! It was quite scary because it's a job I really want, so fingers crossed! Apart from that I have been making the most of having a week off, seeing friends and having a HUGE clear out. My bedroom looks amazing, I have chucked away loads of things and have a bin bag of clothing that i'm going to sell on eBay. It's so nice to take some time out and organise things, it makes me feel so much calmer and focused, and also makes me more productive because everything is so organised. Plus organised house, organised mind as my Nan says!

Today I am spending some time with one of my best friends. We made a pizza and are planning on making a cake a bit later on. We're also watching Romy and Michelles High School Reunion, it's so funny, I sadly know all the words, mainly because I used to watch it every day when I was 14 (obsessed). Do any of you guys like it, or have a film that you have watched so many times you could write out the script?

I have never done a recipe or food post before so I thought I would do one for the pizzas we've made! It's a bit of a cheat as we used a packet mix for the pizza base, but the main reason I wanted to make one is so I can choose the toppings I want. I'm a vegetarian so I went for mushroom, pineapple and sweetcorn. You need a pizza base mix, pizza base or you can make your own following an online recipe. We used tomato polenta for the tomato base, cheddar cheese and you can choose your own ingredients:

The pizza base is unbelievably easy all you do is mix it in a bowl with 125ml of water, mix together and then knead into a soft dough. Then roll them out into pizza shapes, then you can choose what kind of thickness you want for your base. I like thin pizzas so rolled mine fairly thin, don't forget to use flour on the worktop or the dough will get stuck to the surface!

Leave the dough to rest for 10 minutes, and then start having fun by topping them! Spread the tomato polenta on the base and then I decided to put a bit of oregano on top for extra flavour!

Next add cheese and your own toppings!

Cook at 200 for 15 minutes voila!

They were absolutely delicious and way better (and cheaper) than getting a take away! They took hardly anytime at all and are also a great option for a quick dinner, I may even make some more as lunch options when I get a new job! 

Leibster Blog Award

A few days ago I was contacted by the lovely Hannah Campbell who told me that she had nominated me for the Leibster Blog Award. I had absolutely no idea what it was but after checking out her blog I discovered it is a bit like the chain mail everyone used to do at school! All you need to do is state eleven random facts about yourself then answer eleven questions from the person who nominated you, and pass it on! It's a great way to get to know other bloggers and to be recognised as a small blog which is such a great feeling! I had a bit of a think about who I wanted to nominate and what my facts would be, and this is what i've come up with! Hope you enjoy :)

Random Facts

1- I went to Bath Spa University to study Media Communications when I was 18 but quit because it just wasn't for me, so decided to wait a few years and go to UWE to study Fashion Communication.

2- I'm a vegetarian and have been since I was 7 or 8.

3- I have 4 tattoos. An anchor on my foot, a crown on my wrist, a swallow on my ribs and 'here comes the sun' on the inside of my right arm. 

4- I had Scoliosis which is curvature of the spine and needed 4 operations to correct it. I have 2 massive scars across my body and even had a brain leak as a complication from one operation!

5 - I am terrified of spiders, rats and deep water.

6- I have around 300 Vogue and Elle magazines in my bedroom!

7- I went travelling across Europe when I was 20 with some of my best friends. 

8- My front left tooth is fake, my friend gave me a piggy back when we were 17 and drunk, I fell off and smashed my face on the pavement. I lost a tooth and just generally looked disgusting for a few weeks.

9- I love Woody Allen films and Annie Hall is my favourite film of all time.

10- I'm a massive hoarder, I keep everything and my Mum thinks i'm going to end up living in a room full of paper like the people on that program 'Secret Hoarders'.

11- I really fancy Nick Valensi from The Strokes, Joe Gilgun (Woody from This Is England) and young Mick Jagger! 

Hannahs Questions

1- What is your middle name?
It's Ellen, named after my Great Nan.

2- What inspired you to start your blog?
I always wanted to start a blog but didn't feel confident enough, then when I started interning as a social media assistant with fashion brand Motel Rocks, I felt inspired by Selina and decided to just go for it!

3- Do you have a favourite blog to read?
I think my favourite blog would have to be Fine and Bambi, because Lucy is such a lovely girl and loves cats like I do.

4- What is the best bargain you have ever got?
Most of the things I have bought on eBay!

5- What is your favourite food?
I absolutely love Vegetable Korma, it's just the greatest. Aside from that I love sweetcorn and onion.

6- What are your plans/ambitions for the future?
I want to go travelling, work in fashion and just be as happy as I can.

7- Would you rather be rich or famous?
Definitely rich, I think being famous would make me worry too much!

8- Who inspires you?
So many people, i'm inspired by my family, friends, famous people, just basically anyone who doesn't care what people think and lives their life the way they want to.

9- Who is your favourite band/artist?
This is so hard! I don't think I can pick one so i'm gonna cheat and pick 5 and my favourite 5 bands/artists ever are.. Rolling Stones, Beatles, David Bowie, Oasis and The Libertines. 

10- What would be your ideal holiday?
I really want to go to Tennessee, USA it's my plan for next year and will be my dream trip. 

11- Are you a morning or a night person?
I'm definitely a night person, I hate getting up in the mornings and get really miserable!

My Nominations

Hope you enjoyed that and feel like you know a little bit more about me now, the five blogs I have decided to nominate are...

All blogs that I enjoy reading and think have great style, a good layout and lovely pictures!

My Questions

1- Whats your earliest memory?
2- Why did you choose your blog name?
3- What's your favourite perfume?
4- Where is your favourite place in the world?
5- Do you have any siblings?
6- What is your dream job?
7- How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?
8- If you could only blog about fashion or beauty which one would you choose?
9- What made you decide to start blogging?
10- Whats your favourite album?
11- iPhone or Blackberry?

Can't wait to hear everyones responses and please spread the Leibster love, so we can get as many people involved as possible!

Roll Over Beethoven

I really wanted to do an outfit post today and had some really nice things to show you guys, but annoyingly I can't find the charger for my camera! So instead i'm going to do a little post on my two favourite eras/styles! I've gone for 60's mods and 90's grunge, which I definitely feel like I float between most of the time. I love collars, A line skirts, monochrome and beehives but I am also a bit lazy and feel like a grungy style comes quite naturally! I love my Parka, big baggy jumpers and DM's, sometimes it's nice to be super comfortable as well!

Unfortunately this is also a very negative post which I don't really like doing, this week has basically been shit, for want of a better word. My beloved Motel shop in Bristol has closed down and i've been made redundant :( On Wednesday two members of head office came in and said they had decided to close immediately, which not only was a massive shock but also pretty upsetting. I have absolutely loved working there and am just gutted because of all the time and effort i've put into building the shop back up. I hate the thought of finding another job because that one was so perfect for me, and i'm a little bit scared of getting desperate and going into a job I don't like or don't care about. So it has been a rubbish few days, there have been lots of tears, but i'm trying to stay positive and remind myself that something good will come a long and 'everything happens for a reason' (can't wait to find out what the reason is behind this one!!).  The other sad thing is i'm not a part of Motel anymore which I feel really gutted about, i've met loads of really lovely people during my time there and it's because of Selina I decided to start this blog! It's weird because I always left jobs because I didn't like them anymore or was offered a better opportunity, i've never been made redundant is horrible! It has however been a good experience and i'm so happy that Motel gave me the opportunity to be the store manager, and I know it will be good to have on my CV!

If anyone has any suggestions of anywhere I can apply or information on any fashion companies in Bristol or the surrounding areas then head them my way! At least this means I have lots of free time to do some blog posts now!  

January Wishlist!

Striped Dress - Motel Rocks
Black Sweetheart Dress - ASOS
Off The Shoulder Dress - Motel Rocks 
Western Shirt - Glamorous (via ASOS)

I thought I would do a little wish list because whenever January comes around there seems to be lots of things I like! I think it might be the whole new year, new start feeling and wanting to have a wardrobe mix up, but it's probably because I have a full time job now and for the first time in God knows how long I have some spare money! The striped dress from Motel is a new item and it just looks like one of those items that I will be able to chuck on with tights for work or dress up with boots and jewellery for an evening. The burgundy off the shoulder dress is also Motel, I have been looking for a dress in this colour and I absolutely love the off shoulder style so this could be a winner for me! The only thing that puts me off, is sometimes Motel dresses can be quite short and as i'm relatively tall i'm very self conscious of flashing more than I intend! I think a plain black dress is one of those essential items but I love this one because of the neck line! It puts a spin on the standard LBD and I think this will look good with my black biker jacket and a tartan scarf. Lastly the western shirt is something i've wanted since seeing Bobby from Primal Scream wearing one (maybe shouldn't take style tips from men!) 

Lace Up Boots - Topshop Athena
Heeled Chelsea Boots - Topshop Alexy

Winter is a really hard time for foot wear and I seem to live in my Dr Martens or Chelsea Boots, so I am a bit cautious of spending too much money on something I might only wear for a few months. However I think both of these boots will see me through Summer as I can imagine them looking good with bare legs on an evening. I can imagine both of them looking really good with a dress, bare legs and frilly socks or with jeans and an over sized jumper. 

Stealing Sheep

Hat - New Look
Top - Motel Vintage
Shorts - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

This is one of those annoying posts where I can't put a link on any of my clothes because they are all vintage or old season! I bought this t shirt from the Motel Bristol store on the weekend, I was going out for a few drinks and wanted something casual to wear and this was perfect. It's not something I would usually pick but I really like it and love the way it looks tucked in with vintage Levis. It was £28 in the  but my discount made it much more appealing! 

Yesterday was my day off so I was very lazy and stayed in my pjs till 4ish, then decided to pop into town and get some food with my boyfriend. I went into Topshop and bought some things with some vouchers I had for Christmas which I will post about later on this week! 

I'm about to go work and am really excited because we should be getting some brand new items in (I already have my eye on two of them!) so i'm looking forward to having a little rifle through the delivery. Also if any of you live in Bristol and are a fan of the store I have a special promotion for you to receive 20% off just by quoting my blog at the till <3

Daisy Daisy

I wanted to do a blog post featuring my Christmas gifts but I have left it a bit late so apologies for that! I was lucky enough to get four perfumes! Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my new favourite, it smells so gorgeous and it's one of those perfumes where every time you wear it, you just feel good. I also had the original Kate Moss perfume which is a favourite of mine for the day time and Paul Smith, Rose (which I left at my boyfriends house aaah!) a lovely floral smell, which is perfect for me. The purple bottle is Ralph Lauren '4' which was a surprise gift and a really good surprise as it smells amazing! I'm not usually very good at surprises, I think I might be a bit controlling but I just can't handle not knowing! I also received this perfect Dahlia blouse from my Nan (I LOVE IT) and these cute velvet shoes from my Mum (also a pleasant surprise!) both you will be seeing in outfit posts this weekend! 

This week has been my first full week at Motel and it's going well! January is always slow for retail so i've been keeping us busy by clearing out the stock room, re-merchandising the shop floor and of course thinking up some ideas for Valentines Day! If you live in Bristol make sure you follow the shops Facebook and Instagram @motelbristolstore.

Today i'll be working and to be honest I don't have many plans this weekend. Usually I go out every Saturday night but I think January needs to be a quiet one so I can save some money towards my skiing trip and maybe give my body a rest. Have a good weekend :)

Gimme Shelter

Hat - Tesco
Necklace - White Leaf
Jumper - H&M
Leggings - American Apparel
Boots - Dr Martens 

Today I am blogging for the first time in 2013, and didn't realise it had been so long since I last posted. The past few weeks have been a bit crazy, Christmas and New Year are super busy times for everyone and my new job and a few personal problems meant I neglected my blog a bit :( However now I am back and can't wait to get back into it! I only started my blog at the end of September and have already seen it grow, i'm a little bit shocked at how much and thank you all for following and for your lovely comments! I have a few posts lined up for the next few days including some beautiful bits and pieces from Christmas, along with a little Christmas sale haul. 

Today I have a day off and have spent it doing a few odd jobs and taking my dog for a walk. I wore my favourite American Apparel leggings along with a new jumper from H&M which I absolutely love! It's only £14.99 and is the perfect length to wear with jeans or leggings, I haven't stopped wearing it yet! I have also included a picture of my beautiful dog Chilli who is so pathetic, that when she saw another dog on the walk she stopped and refused to move! Tonight I will be cooking up something delicious and maybe going for a drink with a few friends!