Blogger Of The Month: Coury Combs

 Last month I missed blogger of the month whilst I was having my little break but now i'm back with one of my new favourites; Coury Combs from Fancy Treehouse. I love it when bloggers have a list of their favourite blogs on a side bar and that is how I found Fancy Treehouse, I usually tend to look at UK blogs so it was great to discover an American one that I enjoyed reading so much. I really like Courys' style, it's a lot more girlie than my own but she has the most gorgeous hair and a great 60's Bardot/Marianne Faithfull look. Almost all of her clothes are vintage and she mixes prints, textures and layers in a really beautiful way that makes her look like she's just stepped off a Goldie Hawn film set.

One of the reasons I like reading Fancy Treehouse is it includes lots of stories about her lifestyle and is more of an online diary rather than just outfit posts. Coury lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and beautiful baby girl Goldie, and runs her own business Fancy Treehouse vintage clothing store.
Tennessee is the number one place I want to visit and it is definitely a dream of mine to have my own clothing/jewellery business, and as she is a few years older than me I find her quite inspiring.

If you haven't had a read through Fancy Treehouse yet then I would definitely recommend checking it out and i'd love to know if anyone else loves Courys' style as much as I do.

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  1. she is a beautiful inspiring woman with a killer taste!
    plus she had this whole: "butterflies are free" look and loves the movie.
    thanks for sharing!