River Island Tapestry

River Island is not somewhere I usually think about when I go shopping, but recently i've been noticing some really beautiful items by them on blogs and in magazines, and almost choked on my lunch when I spotted this dress on a friends Facebook today. I absolutely love tapestry, I think it's such a statement fabric the dark colours teamed with black panels on this range is perfect for Winter. 

I noticed the jacket first on ASOS and have been trying to decide for ages whether I should buy it? I really like it but i'm not sure how practical it is for how cold the weather currently is, I would really love to wear the jacket and the trousers together but i'm pretty sure I don't have £100 to fulfil this dream! Which is why I am so pleased River Island decided to extend this fabric out into a dress, something I will definitely wear several times and is not too expensive at £45. I think it's such a good idea when brands bring out a print in several different styles, there is nothing worse than falling in love with a print and then finding it only comes in a 'not me at all' super tight bodycon dress. 

I would really love to hear anyone who has bought any of this range or anyone who can recommend a jacket, trouser co-ord which is slightly lower priced! 


  1. i keep seeing this pattern in river island and i can't stop lusting over the co-ord suit, liike you i don't have a spare £100 lying around but i'm at least going to have to buy the trousers! x

  2. The dress is in the sale, I repeat, the dress is in the sale! I popped into River Island at the weekend and the dress was around £20 (I think). Didn't spot the trousers or blazer though x

  3. oh my, this print is so gorgeous! I'm a sucker for tapestry style patterns, and the suit is AMAZEBALLS.


  4. agreed, i never normally shop in RI, but bloody hell that jacket is incredible. Im a sucker for crazy prints, and that jacket is definitely fulfilling all my crazy-print-want. x

  5. Love these! The print is gorgeous! X