Hate The Taste

Hat - Fox & Feather
Roll Neck - Boohoo
Skirt - Louche at Fox & Feather
Necklace and Bracelet - Vintage
Shoes - eBay Creepers

Sorry for the rubbish quality of these photos, the lens has broken on my camera so i'm borrowing my Dad's and it was a really grey day yesterday when I took these! I am so in love with this skirt, it's from Louche which is a brand we sell in fox & feather and I love the 70's hippy print. It looks good with a lot of plain colours but here i've teamed it with my black roll neck top and a great necklace I picked up from a vintage fair in Bristol. I think you might be seeing a lot of this skirt because I keep finding more tops it looks great with so prepare yourself! 

I think i've finally accepted the reality of not getting Glastonbury tickets this year, I was in total shock for a few days but now i'm feeling better about it. I've been to four Glastonbury festivals and can honestly say it's the best i've ever been to, we've never had problems getting tickets before but out of 20 of us no one even got through to a booking form. It's a slight consolation that none of my friends got one, it would be a bit depressing if only a handful of us did, we have such an amazing time in a big group it just wouldn't be the same. I'm thinking of going to Bestival or somewhere smaller like Green Man instead and i'm definitely going to be leaving the country for the last weekend of June! 

Here are two of my favourite pictures from the blistering year that was 2010. If you did get Glastonbury tickets and it will be your first time then prepare yourself for the greatest weekend of your life <3 


  1. love that skirt, and great pics from the festival :) xx


  2. I really love Louche! Such a cute print. I'm not over not getting tix because tons of my friends got them - heartbroken. Part of me wants to make Coachella happen so I can be all "Screw you guyyyys!!" ;)

    Tara xo