One Of Those Weeks...

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This week has in fact been 'one of those weeks' you know the ones that you feel really good about but everything and I mean everything goes wrong and it just seems impossible to stay positive? I won't bore you with all the details but the week has consisted of losing my favourite bracelet, spending around two hours each day in traffic, dropping the lens of my camera and breaking a light on my car! I now need to buy a new lens for my Canon 1000D so if anyone has any tips for where to pick up a cheap one then hit me up!

On the plus side I changed my blog name; let me introduce you to my new blog Opal Wren! I've wanted to change my blog name for quite a while, I love Across The Universe but as you know it's a Beatles song and I wanted a name that was totally original, something I could call my own. I did lots of research into names and styles and picked two words which I feel reflect my style, blog, life everything really. I hope you guys like it and thank you for all the positive feedback I have had so far on twitter.

I had a beauty post planned for this evening but my camera problems have made that pretty impossible so instead I leave you with this new print from Motel Rocks which I am in LOVE with, and remember you can get 20% discount when you use the code 'sophiepalms' at the till!


  1. i love this collection but sorry you're not having a great week...hopefully the new blog name will trigger a fresh start :) x

  2. love the print! the smock dress is so cute! i think im having one of those weeks too, hope it gets better xx
    The Frill Seeker

  3. I want the moon and star dress SO BADLY! Love this print so much! x

  4. That dress...ahhh! I wanted it so bad but when I went to the site it was sold out booooo!!!