Blogger Of The Month: Helena, Bell's Fashion

I'm writing this blog post to you guys from my sick bed, I posted yesterday about how ill I was feeling and today doesn't seem to be much better. I am definitely not well enough to do an outfit post (unless you guys wanna see my no make up/onesie look) so instead thought I would do my favourite regular post; blogger of the month! 

This months blogger of the month is...Helena from Bell's Fashion! 

I found Bell's Fashion through the Waiste lookbook, as Helena was the stylist for the shoot and instantly fell in love with her style. As someone who loves black and dark colours I always admire people who embrace colour and Helena sure as hell does this with her eccentric, bohemian style. Every outfit is a clash of colour and print, bringing 90's and 70's inspiration together in a Clueless/Woodstock sort of look! Helena has an enviable collection of fur coats and gilets and is rarely photographed without her staple platforms which definitely add a bit of Spice Girl to her look. 

Another thing i've noticed about Helena is she always looks so happy in her blog posts, which I think is a really nice element to bring to a blog. So many bloggers do the moody pout, but her smile is quite refreshing and makes you think that she does really enjoy what she's doing. I also have to mention the AMAZING silver kimono she's wearing in the bottom picture, for this outfit alone Helena your on the top of my blog roll. 

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