Christmas Wish List

Striped Polo Neck - eBay £8.99 | Navy Dancing Shoes - American Apparel £52 | Playsuit - fox + feather £48 | Velvet T Bar Shoes - Topshop £28 | Fluffy Cardigan - fox + feather £39 | Desert Boots - eBay £28.99

Last week in a blind panic I managed to start and finish my Christmas shopping all in one day, it was such a relief to get it all done and now I just have to wrap everything, which I don't mind too much! I had a surprisingly heavy weekend, I intended on having a few drinks at a friends house warming and ended up getting a little bit drunk, yesterday was a bit of a write off and I definitely wasn't feeling my best...poor me! So as I look pretty terrible today and feel on the poorly side I decided to do a Christmas wish list. These are a few things i'll buy if I get any money for Christmas, apart from the Playsuit which i'm going to buy this week; it is essential for New Years Eve! Hope everyone had a nice weekend :) 

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