Brian Jonestown

Working in retail means I don't get a lot of time off over Christmas so I haven't been able to take many outfit posts recently, plus I have also been spending lots of time seeing friends, going out for drinks and  generally being in the festive spirit! Christmas really is one of my favourite times of year and this year definitely hasn't disappointed! Christmas Eve was spent at a local pub with all of my favourite friends and then Christmas Day and Boxing Day was spent with family eating too much chocolate and drinking too much champagne. I had some lovely gifts which I can't wait to share with you and also have an great outfit planned for NYE which i'm going to snap for you guys too on Tuesday.

As I don't have an outfit post for today I decided to just post a few favourite images from my tumblr from this year, and this brilliant song by Brian Jonestown Massacre. 


  1. I know all about busy retail seasons! Love your inspiring Tumblr photos! Have a fabulous 2014!


  2. I know exactly how you feel, literally had christmas day off and that was it.
    So painful! Love your blog, im from bristol too!