Blogger Of The Month: Phoenix Moon

I missed blogger of the month in March, I haven't found any new bloggers recently and have given recognition to all my favourites already, so felt a bit stuck! I have been following Phoenix Moon on Instagram for a while and whilst I knew she ran her own vintage website I have only just discovered that she has a favourite blogger! Living in Texas and basically looking like she's just stepped out of Almost Famous, this girl is style personified, she's mixing up a fantastic mix of 70's hippy with perfect witchy woman. I don't even know her name because she doesn't have an 'about me' section on her blog but if anyone can fill me in please do! 

Usually I collate images from my favourite blogger on photoshop to show you guys as many looks as I can, but the photography on this blog is so beautiful I didn't feel I could crop anything and wanted it to be shown as it is. The images look editorial and are an equal mix between crisp, bold images and styled to look like old film photos. This blog is much more than just a style blog, you can appreciate the photography, styling and composition, every post looks well planned and shot to perfection, something I have a lot of respect for because shooting blog images can become very rushed for me. 

As for the clothes I don't even know where to begin, sometimes she wears layers of prints, colours and texture creating a perfect bohemian look, other times it's just a simple t shirt and jeans, yet she still looks more interesting and stylish than most. Accessories are key, plenty of round sunglasses, floppy hats, tassels and chunky jewellery make up a lot of the look but it's the flowing fabrics that really make it for me. 

I leave you with a large selection of images and if anyone knows this girls name please let me know! 


  1. Absolutely love this girl's style and the photos are amazing! I wish mine were that good but mine are always rushed like you say yours are! So glad you're back to blogging! xx

  2. P.S. She signs her posts as Lauren so perhaps that's her name haha!

    1. Haha how embarrassing! Good job you read properly isn't it, unlike me! I voted for you in the company blog awards too :) xx

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