Moving House...Again

One of the biggest bit of news for me at the moment is i'm going to be moving to a new flat this Summer with my boyfriend. As you guys know he quit his job for his band, as they had too many commitments with tours and festivals and it just got too difficult to be taking holiday all the time from work. His sister and her partner own a pub so we temporarily moved in above the pub to save money and have been there since New Year. Going from having your own space to moving into someone else's home has been really difficult to adjust to, as well as trying to cram all of our stuff into one room. There have been some good points though to living there, living above a pub means our friends are always popping in for a drink and it's a good meeting place for everyone! As much as we massively appreciate them for letting us stay I am looking forward to having our own place, and i'm sure they'll be glad to have their home back.

I am far too excited about all the furniture we're going to be buying, i've been saving on paying rent whilst being at the pub so i'm going to use some of my savings to get some good furniture and really make it feel like the kind of home I want to live in. Ikea has some really good bits and pieces like oriental rugs, TV storage units, pillows and my current obsession house plants, but i'm also looking on gumtree for a 70's sideboard and other bits and pieces. The flat is small, but we're really lucky that we have the same taste in interiors and are yet to disagree on any of the furnishings!

As usual I have a Pinterest board for my ideas and have been using Polyvore to create moodboards based around the actual furniture we're going to be getting, here are a few of my favourite images from Pinterest and the image at the top is the main idea for our living room.

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  1. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this post, I'm deffo favouriting it on my browser! I've been looking for some new room ideas and I love the whole boho/chic look you're thinking of!