Change In Career...

Before I left Uni I had only ever had two jobs; working in a supermarket for four years and then Urban Outfitters for three and a half, then all of a sudden as a graduate and in the space of a year I had four jobs, thats not even an exaggeration!

Quite unfortunate circumstances meant redundancy and temping before winding up at fox + feather, where i've been for nine months. Unfortunately independent retail just isn't a secure job like a more high street retail role would be and changes in the shop mean my hours have been reduced from four days a week to two, meaning I really need to look for something else. After my initial panic, I started to think about what I wanted to do, my passion is fashion but fashion head office roles are so few and far between in Bristol, that it just doesn't seem to be a likely career path without moving to another city. Another option is stepping away from fashion and trying to get a job with a PR, social media or digital marketing agency, but i'm not sure if I will be able to branch out into that world when all of my experience is fashion and beauty based!

Absolutely stuck in a rut I logged onto Pinterest to cheer myself up and realised the answer was staring me in the face, so after a lot of research and a lot of thinking i've decided to do a silver smith course! I've had a silver jewellery obsession since I was about 11 and convinced my mum to buy me a Medusa knuckle ring on holiday, after that I liked to think I was a gypsy and got in trouble too many times at school for excessive jewellery wearing. I have a really big interest in gem stones and already have some exciting ideas for the type of jewellery I want to create.

I'm going to be starting a 12 week course here in Bristol to learn the basics and have spoken with a local jewellery shop about the possibility of working with them in the Summer helping out with admin and social media, and adding to my bench skills. I'm really excited about it, and can definitely see this as something i'm going to find my way in! So in the mean time i'm going to leave you guys with some of my favourite jewellery pictures from Pinterest and give you a bit of an idea about what my own designs will be like.

Fee free to check out my Pinterest and Tumblr for more images and inspiration!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post Sophie! So amazing that you've had the realisation of what you want to do in life and I wish you luck! :) xx