Sweet Virginia

Whilst I was working at Motel a few years ago one of the girls introduced me to Yayer, an online vintage store with some gorgeous 90s dresses and denim. Run by two sisters Charlotte and Harriet, the brand started selling vintage and has now moved on to their own designs, which is the bit i'm most excited about! I'm always really happy when I find inspiring companies based in Bristol, as there's not a lot of fashion businesses run here, so it gives me hope that I won't have to move to London!

I haven't fully thrown myself into the 90s trend but Yayer are convincing me that I should be! My favourite item has to be the black dress with the cut out waist below, that is definitely my next purchase, I love it! I really like the loose, smock style of a lot of their dresses, I want to team them with layers of jewellery and massive chunky shoes for Summer. 

All dresses available at Yayer.com

I do have a bit of an 'ugly' shoe obsession, recently i've bought two pairs of black chunky shoes which i'll be sure to show you guy soon. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts but would never describe myself as a 'girlie' girl so I like the way ugly shoes give my dresses a boyish edge and stop me looking too 'pretty'. I love the 'stomper' boots the last pair on this image, they're not too high so I could wear them but they also look comfy, and perfect for wearing in the day. 

All shoes available at Yayer.com

Make sure you check out their website, I thought it was reasonably priced and we all know how much I resent spending excessive amounts on one item! They run a Yayer blog which you can find here and also have a pretty inspiring Tumblr and Pinterest which I have re-blogged images from far too many times!

I also wanted to leave you with this video which I have watched roughly 20 times a day for the past week, Mick is just too sexy! 

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