Blogger Of The Month: Charlene O'Rourke

I am back from Glastonbury and am far too depressed to concentrate on anything, so have decided to do a blogger of the month post straight away! 

This month I have picked my blogger of the month as...Charlene O'Rourke from Strutt, who I will start by saying is just an absolute babe! I first found Strutt, as I discovered a lot of my favourite blogs, through working at Motel and have followed her blog ever since. Her style is very cool and she always looks perfectly done with all of the items of her outfit really well put together. She has gorgeous dark hair which is often accessorised with a black hat and no outfit is complete without a slick of her signature red lipstick. Charlene wears a lot of Motel, but she wears them in a way which isn't typical of your Motel girl. Often Motel girls are thought of as wearing tight bodycon dresses with huge heels and big hair but I love the way Charlene mixes this up and styles her pieces with vintage and a rock n roll edge.

Using a lot of monochrome, print and denim, I love the way Charlene uses one print as a focus and then mixes her vintage monochrome style with it. I get a bit of a 70s bohemian vibe from her look mixed in with quite a 90s grunge which is a great combination! 

Strutt is a great, minimal blog and I like the way, only one photo is used to show the outfit, with hardly any text, which I think makes it easier to read and gives focus to the important bit; the outfits! There's also a great side bar with recommendations and just to make her even more fashionable there is a tab for outfits Charlene has made herself!

As usual i'd love to know if Charlene is one of your favourite bloggers or if your gonna check her out after reading this, let me know in the comments and check out her blog here.

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